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WoW Dream Wardens: All Reputation Rewards

There are plenty of rewards available for those who have high Reputation with the Dream Wardens in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.
WoW Dream Wardens: All Reputation Rewards

When it comes to World of Warcraft, a large majority of the players are checking out Season 3 of Dragonflight. Season 3 is the latest update for Dragonflight and with it, there came a lot of new content to check out. From raids to missions, there is something for just about everybody who enjoys playing WoW Retail.

There are some players who are super focused on taking down raid bosses and completing end-game content. There are others who are more focused on getting as much done in the open world as possible. One of the main key things players can do is build Reputation with the Dream Wardens. Here, we are going to go over all the Reputation Rewards for Dream Wardens in WoW Dragonflight.

All Reputation Rewards For Dream Wardens In WoW Dragonflight

Dream Wardens Reputation Rewards
There are plenty of good items players can get for having a high Reputation and Renown with the Dream Wardens in WoW Dragonflight. (Picture: Blizzard/WoWHead)

In World of Warcraft, there are a lot of different rewards players can get so it can be difficult to keep up with new ones that appear. In Dragonflight Season 3, there are now even more rewards for those who have high Reputation with the Dream Wardens. Here is a list of all Reputation Rewards for Dream Wardens in Dragonflight:

  • Renown Level 1 - Standing with the Dream, gain renown with Dream Wardens
  • Renown Level 2 - Dreaming of Riches: You may now find hidden treasures within the Emerald Dream
  • Renown Level 3 - Small Dreamseeds: Speak to Sylvia Whisperbloom to obtain Small Dreamseed that can be planted in Emerald Bounties
  • Renown Level 4 - Blooming Proficiency 1, Whelpling's Dreaming Crest, Flightstones
  • Renown Level 5 - In Touch with Nature: Elianna will help infuse creatures within the dream
  • Renown Level 6 - Drakewatcher Manuscripts: Purchase Flourishing Whimsydrake Back Fins, Ridged Brow, and Underbite Snout from Moon Priestess Lasara
  • Renown Level 7 -  Nature's Regalia: Purchase Item Level 441 Veteran 1/8 Gloves
  • Renown Level 8 - Blooming Proficiency II, Drake's Dreaming Crest, Flightstones
  • Renown Level 9 - Plump Dreamseeds from Sylvia Whisperbloom
  • Renown Level 10 - In Your Dreams: Purchase Dre4am Wardens Tabard from Keeper Amrymn
  • Renown Level 11 - Touching Grass: Bigger Treasures + Bountiful Pets which allows for the purchase of Emerald Bounty Pets
  • Renown Level 12 - Bloming Proficiency III, Drake's Dreaming Crest, Flightstones
  • Renown Level 13 - Drakewatcher Manuscripts II: Flourishing Whimsydrake: Long Snout, Neck Fins, and Horns from Moon Priestess Lasara
  • Renown Level 14 - Nature's Regalia II: Purchase Item Level 454 helms from Moon Priestess Lasara
  • Renown Level 15 - A Friend in the Dream: Get Spurce and Juniper Battle Pets from Moon Priestess Lasara and Flightstones
  • Renown Level 16 - Blooming Expertise, Keeper's Visage which is the Elegant Green Dragon Outerwear Ensamble from Moon Priestess Lasara, and Proper Cultivation
  • Renown Level 17 - Riding Through Fields of Green: Reins of the Suntouched Dreamstag and Reins of the Lunar Dreamstag are purchasable from Moon Priestess Lasara + Gigantic Dreamseeds are available.
  • Renown Level 18 - Attuned with Nature, Bountiful Mounts (Emerald Bounty mounts), Dreambound Power which is the Dreambound Augment Rune from Moon Priestess Lasara.
  • Renown Level 19 - Dreak Dreaming Crest x 15, Flourishing Whimsydrake Scales, Flightstones
  • Renown Level 20 - A Heroric Reward: Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crest, Through the Starry Skies: Dream Defender Title, Essence of a Worthy Ally II: All characters on your account get 100% additional reputation with the Dream Wardens, Dreamseeds: directly purchasable from Moon Priestess Lasara.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.