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WoW Emerald Dream New World Boss Aurostor Location & Loot

We pinpoint the exact spawn location of Autostor, the new world boss for WoW players to face in the Emerald Dream, alongside its loot table for good measure.
WoW Emerald Dream New World Boss Aurostor Location & Loot

Don't poke a sleeping bear, they say. Well, that's exactly what World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight players are going to do when they take on the new world boss in the Emerald Dream.

In this guide, we pinpoint the precise location of the new world boss, Aurostor The Hibernating, and detail its loot table for those brave enough to face this powerful foe, so let's jump in.

Aurostor World Boss Spawn Location in WoW Emerald Dream

Aurostor location emerald dream world of warcraft dragonflight loot table items
The exact location of Aurostor in the Emerald Dream. (Picture: Warcraft Quest Guide / Blizzard)

The image above showcases the exact spawn location of Aurostor, the Emerald Dream's world boss for WoW players to face. The world boss spawns just Southeast of the Smoldering Corpse area.

To get the blood flowing to wake up Aurostor The Hibernating, check out some lore text from Blizzard about this new Emerald Dream world boss.

Aurostor follows a strict sleep regimen, and one must never poke a sleeping bear. However, Fyrakk's assault on the Emerald Dream has disturbed the Furbolg Wild God's precious sleep cycle, rousing him from his slumber too soon. Completely deprived of sleep, a raging Aurostar attacks any passersby, attempting to wear himself out.

Check out Warcraft Quest Guide's video below with one of the first confirmed Aurostor kills, showcasing all the boss' abilities in action.

How Long Before Aurostor Spawns?

At the time of writing, it is unclear how long it will take for the Aurostor world boss in the Emerald Dream to spawn once again on your server. We expect it won't be more than once a day, but we could be wrong, so this section will be updated as soon as information becomes available. 

Looking for more about the Emerald Dream zone and the rewards you can get? Then we've got you covered below.

By slaying Aurostor, you can complete the Hibernating Heroes quest and also get some fancy loot for your troubles, which brings us to the next section of this guide.

WoW Emerald Dream Aurostor Loot Table

For slaying Aurostor, you have a chance at some great loot. The item level of its loot pool is 454 with Champion Upgrade 1/8. There is one exception, the necklace, which is item level 460 with Champion Upgrade 3/8. Check out the complete loot pool for Aurostor, including all items, types, and item levels below.

Item Name Item Type Item Level
Slumbering Ursine Talisman Neck 460
Aurostor's Sleeping Knickers Cloth Legs 454
Restful Dozer's Shoes Cloth Feet 454
Grasps of Awakened Fury Leather Hands 454
Rousing Earth Striders Leather Feet 454
Crown of Freya's Chosen Mail Head 454
Mossen Rage Waistguard Mail Waist 454
Flame-Etched Breastplate Plate Chest 454
Forgotten Jalgar's Gird Plate Waist 454

While you wait for the new WoW Dragonflight elite world boss to spawn in the Emerald Dream, why not learn more about the Guardians of the Dream update below?

So there you have it, the location of the WoW Emerald Dream world boss, Aurostor, as well as its loot table. Good luck, heroes of Azeroth; this is a tough one, so you will need all the help you can get!


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.