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WoW Igira the Cruel Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

Learn everything you need to know about taking down Igira the Cruel in the Amidrassil Raid in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.
WoW Igira the Cruel Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

One of the main reasons why players enjoy World of Warcraft so much is the raids. Taking down large raid bosses is part of the thrill of the game, and players enjoy learning what it takes to take down one of these behemoths. With the Season 3 Update of Dragonflght, the new Amirdrassil raid became available, which means new bosses to fight.

Igira the Cruel can be a tough boss in the Amirdrasil raid if you do not know what is going to happen beforehand. So, studying up before getting into the fight is essential. Here, we will go over how to beat Igira the Cruel in the Amirdrassil raid in WoW Dragonflight and what kinds of rewards players can expect.

How To Beat Igira the Cruel In Amirdrassil Raid In WoW Dragonflight

Igira the Cruel Dragonflight Guide
Coordination will be key to taking down Igira the Cruel in the Amirdrassil Raid. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

Coordination is the key to taking down Igira the Cruel in the Amirdrassil Raid. For example, the Blistering Spear will pin down four players, and the four marked players need to be somewhat close to each other so players can free them. But what really requires coordination is the Marked for Torment move.

Players need to decide together which weapon to soak and be prepared for each mechanic that follows. The Hacking Torment smashes her target and splits the damage to the nearest player, so make sure the two main tanks are up front and center. Slicing Torment has Igira jump around, and players need to dodge. Flaying Torment requires players to spread out, heal the debuff, and dodge what follows. Without coordination of when to do each mechanic, the party will likely wipe and will have to try again.

All Igira the Cruel Loot In Amirdrassil Raid In WoW Dragonflight

Igra The Cruel Guide
Players will have to work together to know when to take down each mechanic during the Igra fight. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

If the raid part manages to take down Igira the Cruel during WoW Dragonflight, they will be heavily rewarded with some pretty good loot. Of course, not every single piece of loot players can get will drop, but it is worth taking this boss down for what could drop. Here is the loot table for Igira the Cruel in the Amirdrassil Raid:

  • Elder's Volcanic Wrap - Cloth Legs
  • Bloody Dragonhide Belt - Leather Waist
  • Drakestalker's Trophy Pauldrons - Mail Shoulders
  • Agonizing Manacles - Plate Wrist
  • Igira's Flaying Hatchet - One-Handed Axe
  • Signet of the Last Elder - Finger Accessory
  • Dreadful Tormented Dreamheart - Hands
  • Mystic Tormented Dreamheart - Hands
  • Venerated Tormented Dreamheart - Hands
  • Zenith Tormented Dreamheart - Hands

As plainly noted, there are plenty of rewards for taking down Igira the Cruel during the Amirdrassil Raid in WoW Dragonflight. The key is that players need to work together to decide which mechanic to take on first. If players manage that, this will not be too difficult of a fight to take down.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.