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WoW Larodar Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

Larodar can be a difficult boss to manage in the Amirdrassil raid in WoW Dragonflight but we go over how to do so here.
WoW Larodar Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

With the launch of Season 3 of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, a new raid was added to the game. The raid is called Amirdrassil, and there are a lot of new bosses to take down. These bosses will increase with difficulty, and when they are finally taken out, there are plenty of rewards to look forward to.

Players need to be aware of what mechanics surround them with each boss so they can defeat the boss. That is why we are here to discuss the Larodar boss in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. We will not only go over how to beat it but also what rewards players should expect for managing to finish out this fight.

How To Beat Larodar In Amirdrassil Raid

Larodar Amirdrassil Guide
Players will have to be careful with the fire on the floor while fighting Larodar. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

To take down Larodar, players will need to heal certain enemies during the fight. For example, Larodar will summon Treants to attack players. Once they are defeated, healers will want to heal them to full health. The new friendly Treants will channel their energy to a seed and players can use that seed to clear out the fire on the floor.

That is not all. In this Amirdrassil boss fight, Larodar will also summon Scorching Roots. Once it is taken down, healers can heal it, and it will turn into a Bramble shield. Players will need to get into this shield or else they will be wiped out by the Raging Inferno move. During phase 2, players can no longer heal the Treants.

In phase 2, tanks will want to leech life from allies because they will receive a debuff that prevents them from being healed. So, the healers can focus on the other players not afflicted by the debuff. Falling Embers need to be caught to soak the damage properly. Phase 2 is essentially a race to the finish because the seed is not useable so be fast and aware of what is happening.

All Larodar Loot In Amirdrassil Raid In WoW Dragonflight

Amirdrassil Larodar Fight Guide
This seed will be essential to clearing out the fire on the floor. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

Larodar is one of the tougher bosses in the Amirdrassil Raid. It attacks hard and quickly and players will lose space to walk around with all the fire that is going to be on the ground. But the rewards are definitely worth it. Below is a list of all the Larodar loots in the Amirdrassil raid:

  • Lost Scholar's Timely Hat - Cloth Head
  • Robes of the Ashen Grove - Leather Chest
  • Twisted Flamecuffs - Mail Wrist
  • Phlegethic Girdle - Plate Waist
  • Band of Burning Thorns - Finger Accessory
  • Larodar's Moonblade - One-handed Sword
  • Scythe of the Fallen Keeper - Two-Handed Polearm
  • Smoldering Seedling - Trinket
  • Dreadful Ashen Dreamheart - Legs
  • Mystic Ashen Dreamheart - Legs
  • Venerated Ashen Dreamheart - Legs
  • Zenith Ashen Dreamheart - Legs

It might take players a couple of attempts to get their desired item because not everything is going to drop at once. But with our guide, Larodar should be a lot easier for players to handle.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.