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Shadowlands Easy Mount Guide: How to get Shimmermist Runner

We walk you through the steps to obtain the Shimmermist Runner for an easy Shadowlands mount by completing the maze in Ardenweald.
Shadowlands Easy Mount Guide: How to get Shimmermist Runner

Since players can't fly yet in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands areas, riding on a shiny unicorn-like mount sounds great, right? Well, you can spruce up your Shadowlands mount collection with this handy guide, where we tell you exactly how you can complete the maze in Ardenweald, defeat Shizgher and obtain the beautiful Shimmermist Runner mount for your stables.

Shadowlands Shimmermist Runner: How to get

The Shadowlands Shimmermist Runner mount is located at Mistveil Tangle, in the middle of the Tirna Scithe region in Ardenweald. Specifically, you will need to complete the maze in order to obtain the Shimmermist Runner mount. 

The maze entrance is located at Oaken Assembly via the coordinates 31.04, 54.51. However, you should just blindly run into the maze until you get to the end, as then the NPC called Shizgher will despawn if you get close without following the correct path.

Shadowlands mount guide how to get Shimmermist runner maze(Picture: Feldrassil)

To get to the Shizgher NPC, you have to go through the maze located in Oaken Assembly. Basically, you have to go through the maze in a specific order to obtain this Shadowlands mount. 

There are blue lamps which indicate where you have to go, however, these are easily missed and if you don't follow the steps below exactly, you won't be able to obtain the mount. 

  • Enter the Maze in Oaken Assembly on (31.04, 54.51).
  • On the 1st intersection at (29.60, 55.76) go LEFT
  • On the 2nd intersection at (30.02, 57.49) go RIGHT
  • On the 3rd intersection at (29.56, 57.91) go LEFT
  • On the 4th intersection at (29.31, 59.10) go RIGHT
  • On the 5th intersection at (28.82, 58.71) go FORWARD
  • On the 6th and last intersection at (27.56, 57.85) go LEFT.

Credit to WoWHead user Roguezs for figuring this one out.

Once you get to the area, you can engage Shizgher. The NPC is quite tough but you can take it out with relatively low gear, as long as you have reached level 60 and did a few dungeons to get up.

Once you've defeated Shizgher, you can click on the Shimmermist Runner to claim the Shadowlands mount as your own.