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WoW Smolderon Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

Smolderon is one of the bosses in the Amirdrassil raid in WoW Dragonflight and we go over how to beat it here.
WoW Smolderon Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

There is a new season of World of Warcraft Dragonflight and with that new season, that means a lot of new content. There are a lot of players who are exploring new areas to take on missions that will give them some new pets and mounts for their troubles. Of course, the biggest piece of content players are going for is the new raid.

Amirdrassil is the newest raid in WoW, and with that raid, there are new bosses to challenge. These bosses will require some knowledge beforehand to make sure that the fight is successful. Here, we will go over how to beat Smoderon, one of the bosses in the Amirdrassil raid, and what loot players can expect.

How To Beat Smolderon In Amirdrassil Raid

Smolderon Dragonflight
Knowing how to tank the attacks from Smolderon is essential. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

Knowing how to soak and how to tank the oncoming attacks is key to beating Smolderon in the Amirdrassil raid. Run AOE circles away from the raiding party to minimize damage. But at the same time, the other half of the raid needs to soak the larger circle next to Smolderon so that damage can also be minimized.

Everyone should soak that larger tank ring at least once before Smolderon moves to the middle and pushes everyone back. A Living Flame will appear and float towards Smolderon. Players have to eat their Living Flame, and it will give them increased damage and healing. If the Living Flame reaches Smolderon, then the boss will have increased damage.

All Smolderon Loot In Amirdrassil Raid In WoW Dragonflight

Smolderon Guide WoW Dragonflight
Grab these orbs before they reach Smolderon for a major buff. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

Taking out Smolderon will take some practice as the team will need to be in complete coordination to tank this boss properly. But once that practice is done and players can defeat the boss, then the real reward will follow. Below is a list of all the Smolderon Loot in the Amirdrassil raid:

  • Fading Flame Wristbands - Cloth Wrist
  • Fused Obsidian Sabatons - Plate Feet
  • Mantle of Blazing Sacrifice - Back Accessory
  • Remnant Charglaive - One-Handed Warglaives
  • Incandescent Soulcleaver - Two-Handed Sword
  • Ashes of the Embersoul - Trinket
  • Cataclysmic Signet Brand - Trinket
  • Dreadful Smoldering Dreamheart - Shoulder
  • Mystic Smoldering Dreamheart - Shoulder
  • Venerated Smoldering Dreamheart - Shoulder
  • Zenith Smoldering Dreamheart - Shoulder

It might take a while before players will get their desired loot. Not every single piece of loot listed above will be available. But with enough practice, players will be able to farm this boss for all the loot possible.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.