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World of Warcraft
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World of Warcraft boosting organization Gallywix disappears after investigation

After Blizzard Entertainment banned several members of the World of Warcraft boosting organization Gallywix, their online presence has disappeared.
Developer Blizzard Entertainment recently took action against a World of Warcraft boosting organization called Gallywix. It was, in fact, the largest community of its kind. After an investigation, Blizzard determined Gallywix members took part in selling gold for real money, and shortly afterwards, Gallywix's online presence vanished. 


WoW boosting organization Gallywix disappears

If you've played World of Warcraft for any significant amount of time, you would know about all the boosting for gold spams in the trade chat channel, and you would have seen the name Gallywix. 

The Gallywix organization is filled with people and guilds who carry other players through high-level raids, PvP challenges, and more, in exchange for World of Warcraft gold.

This isn't wrong, but Blizzard also found members of the Gallywix organization selling gold for real money, which is in violation of the End-User License Agreement.



A famous World of Warcraft player Scripe, who is the former raid leader of Method, even admitted buying gold with real money.



Blizzard's original statement can be viewed below.

World of warcraft boosting gallywix blizzard entertainment
(Picture: Blizzard)


While only some members of the Gallywix community participated in selling gold for real money, it seems Blizzard is taking a firm stance, targeting those who perform transactions with World of Warcraft boosting organizations.

Since the investigation, Gallywix's online presence has completely disappeared. Their Discord and social media channels are gone, and their website simply refuses to open.


World of Warcraft boosting gallywix
(Picture: Twitter)


At the time of writing, no official announcement has been made by Gallywix. Some members of the World of Warcraft boosting community believes Gallywix services are still active, and they have just gone underground for now.