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World of Warcraft's Leeroy Jenkins is 15 years old

The greatest World of Warcraft meme ever, Leeroy Jenkins, has turned 15 years old
World of Warcraft's Leeroy Jenkins is 15 years old

World of Warcraft released all the way back in November 2004, and the iconic Leeroy Jenkins video released on 11th May 2005.

The World of Warcraft meme spread like wildfire, and to this day, we can see references to Leeroy Jenkins.


World of Warcraft's Leeroy Jenkins


The World of Warcraft Leeroy Jenkins meme, by Ben Schulz, is by far the most known meme ever for Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG. 

Everyone and their pet Murloc can likely remember the video of Leeroy Jenkins ruining the Upper Blackrock Spire run for his guild, <PALS FOR LIFE>, screaming "Alright chums, I’m back! Let’s do this… LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIINS!

Leeroy ran over the Rookery Eggs, spawning the whelps, and despite PALS FOR LIFE's best efforts, they failed to control the chaos. 



The video ends with Leeroy Jenkins saying "At least I have chicken" before logging off from the failed raid. 

In World of Warcraft's 15th anniversary, the Leeroy Jenkins NPC even sold his "Spicy Fried Chicken" in the Caverns of Time, commemorating the iconic World of Warcraft meme.

Blizzard has celebrated the Leeroy Jenkins meme, not only in World of Warcraft but in their other titles as well. For example, there's a Leeroy Jenkins card in Hearthstone.

Further, in Overwatch, there is a rare voice line from Winston, where the hero states:

"I calculate our percentage of survival at 32.33%... Repeating, of course."

This voice line references the Leeroy Jenkins meme, where another member of the raid calculated their odds of success before Leeroy ruined the raid. 

If Leeroy Jenkins turning 15 years old makes you feel old, we apologies for that, but at least we have chicken...

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