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Call of Duty
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Best M4A1 loadout for Warzone Season 6

The infamous M4A1 assault rifle is still a mighty weapon in Season 6 when paired with the right attachments, and here’s its best class setup in Warzone right now.
Raven Software released the Season 6 patch for Call of Duty: Warzone in the early hours of 6th October with plenty of new content such as new Operators, a shiny new battle pass, revamped POIs and five new functional weapons. While the new features are a welcome surprise for the Warzone players, at the same time, the significant weapon balance changes in the Season 6 Reloaded update might disappoint some gamers. 

However, one of the most iconic M4A1 assault rifle continues to be a solid weapon as it remains unaffected in the season six update. However, being a versatile gun, the best five attachments for the M4A1 keeps varying even without any balance change. Taking this into account, let’s look at the best class setup for Warzone M4A1 as per the latest meta.

Best M4A1 loadout for Season 6

To get the most out of the M4A1 assault rifle in Warzone Season 6, you will need to pick the perfect five attachments to get the job done.

Best M4A1 loadout for Warzone Season 6
The best M4A1 loadout after the Season 6 patch. (Picture: Westie YouTube)

The best M4A1 loadout at the start of Warzone Season 6 is:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

  • Barrel: Corvus Custom Marksman

  • Optic: Corp Combat Holo Sight

  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip

  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

To start off, we have gone for the Monolithic Suppressor, an infamous attachment that conceals the audio footprint of the gun. In addition to this, it refines the damage range during fights. 

The Corvus Custom Marksman barrel attachment is exclusive to the M4A1 assault rifle and a few other Warzone weapons, which increases muzzle velocity and extends range at the cost of a reduction in ADS and movement speed.

Best M4A1 loadout for Warzone Season 6
Be sure to pick all the best attachments for the M4A1. (Picture: Activision)

This loadout uses the Corp Combat Holo Sight for the optics counterpart, which is an ideal choice for the M4A1. Alternatively, players can also choose the VLK 3.0x Optic for more accurate precision and scope.

Finally, we’ve decided to use Commando Foregrip at the Underbarrel slot in order to gain better handling ability. This foregrip provides reinforced recoil stabilisation while focusing on the aiming stability at the same time. However, it also comprises a little bit of movement speed.

Check out the Excellence video showcasing the M4A1 loadout in action, dominating his opponents with the lethal loadout.

So there you have it, the best M4A1 loadout for Warzone Season 6, with all the right attachments.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision