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Warzone Season 6 battle pass: All tiers, rewards, cost, more

Just like every other season thus far, Call of Duty: Warzone will enjoy a varied battle pass that will bring known faces, explosive weapons and more surprises.
Warzone Season 6 battle pass: All tiers, rewards, cost, more

The sixth season of Call of Duty: Warzone is about to debut and eager players are curious to know what this season's battle pass has in store.

Just like every other season, this battle pass has rewards for both free and premium tiers with rewards like the .410 shotgun, the Grav assault rifle or the “Panda Bite” blueprint.

So stick around while we drill down everything you need and want to know about the upcoming season of Call of Duty: Warzone that premieres tomorrow, October 7th.

Warzone Season 6 battle pass price: How much does it cost?

COD Warzone Season 6 battle pass Bundle
Pandas have never been more lethal as these operator skins will get you through the Warzone. (Picture: Activision)

Like every season the pass will enjoy one hundred tiers of rewards that you can unlock by paying 1,000 COD points, some of these tiers will have free rewards like two new base weapons.

If you want to get a jumpstart on the competition, you can also buy the Battle Pass Bundle that will grant you the same privileges as the other one, but it will also include 20 tier skips (25 for PlayStation) and three bonus Operator skins: “Panda Bear,” “Red Panda,” and “Pain Panda”. You can always keep skipping tiers by paying 150 COD points.

Season 6 battle pass Tier 0: New Operator, skins, missions, more

COD Warzone Season 6 battle pass Tier 0
Unlock great rewards as soon as you obtain this season’s battle pass. (Picture: Activision)

As soon as you get access to the premium side of the Season 6 battle pass you will be granted the Tier 0 rewards that include:

  • Operator - Alex Mason: The original Black Ops protagonist includes two operator missions that will let you unlock his “Barren”, “Canopy”, “Polar” and “Maritime” skins.
  • Operator Skin for Adler - Agent Zero: The “Agent Zero” Operator Skin represents Adler’s unfinished business with Stitch.
  • Aquatic Watch
  • Seasonal 10% XP Boost

Season 6 battle pass new operator skins

If you are not really into the Panda theme skins that you obtain through the battle pass bundle, you will also have to opportunity to earn other operator skins throughout the tiers.

COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Dispatch Skin
Portnova and her “Dispatch” Operator Skin are perfect for your next clandestine mission. (Picture: Activision)

Within the first 20 tiers of the battle pass you will be able to redeem two new operator skins which are:

  • “Dispatch” Portnova Skin (Tier 10)
  • “Admiral” Sims Skin (Tier 20)
COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Admiral Skin
Sims and his “Admiral” Skin is a timeless classic appropriate for the fight ahead. (Picture: Activision)

Additionally, you will also unlock the “Axe murder” finishing move at tier 19 which will be available to equip through the operator menu in Warzone or the weapons menu in Black Ops Cold War.

New free base weapons: .410 Ironside Shotgun and Grav AR

Season 6 comes with two new base weapons available through battle pass tiers, which will be available to you whether you got the premium version or not:

  • The .410 Ironhide Shotgun will be available at Tier 15
  • The Grav Assault Rifle will be available at Tier 31.
COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Grav AR
The Grav will take the lead amid a power struggle between mid-to long-range options in weapons. (Picture: Activision)

Season 6 battle pass weapon blueprints

COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Cemetery Thorn Sniper BP
Lay the dead to rest with this five-attachment configuration of a bolt-action Sniper Rifle known for fast handling. (Picture: Activision)

Just like in Season 5, we will get twenty new weapon blueprints that will help you prepare with the firepower necessary to take down opponents in Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.

We will go through some of the legendary blueprints you will be able to unlock through the Season 6 battle pass:

  • “Cemetery Thorn” Legendary Sniper Rifle Blueprint (Tier 27): This Weapon Blueprint includes a Tiger Team Barrel for a damage boost, a Steady Aim Laser, a Front Grip, a Vandal Speed Loader, and a SAS Combat Stock.
COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Carnival Prize SMG BP
No carnival tricks here; this SMG has some serious potential for your Loadouts. (Picture: Activision)
  • “Carnival Prize” Legendary SMG Blueprint (FREE Tier 55): Outspeed the competition with a Collapsed Stock and a Bruiser Grip, get them in the sights of the included optic, then hit the deck and drop ’em with the help of the Dropshot Wrap
COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Panda Bite SMG BP
These legendary attachments can make this a silent, yet fierce primary weapon. (Picture: Activision)
  • “Panda Bite” Legendary SMG Blueprint (Tier 85): The “Panda Bite” combines a Reinforced Barrel, a GRU Suppressor, and a drum Magazine among other attachments.

Season 5 battle pass Tier 95-100: Ultra-rarity weapon blueprint and operator skin

COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Kill Shot Shotgun BP
The Kill Shot shotgun could be your ticket to adopting a more aggressive playstyle. (Picture: Activision)

The “Kill Shot” has a unique airborne lever wrap, an extended magazine tube, and a damage-boosting barrel that will send down those high-damage shots, making you worry less about slow reloads, and keep your eyes on the ultimate prize: victory.

COD Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass Aurora Borealis Skin
Consider yourself among the stars of the game with this sky themed operator skin. (Picture: Activision)

Designed to stand out within other operator outfits “Aurora Borealis” can light up the lobby when you equip it as Mason’s Operator Skin and it can help the tactical movement of your squad through the map.

Finally, on those final tiers, we will also obtain another legendary blueprint for the Grav base weapon that we unlocked earlier, some vehicle skins like the “Harsh Angle” or the “Dazzle Wagon” and a Season 6 emblem to proudly show off in the lobby. 


Make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every COD Warzone news, loadout tips and more.

Featured image courtesy of Activision

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