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Best meta weapons in Warzone Season 4 - Strongest and most broken guns

Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune is finally here, so for an early edge on opponents, these are the best meta weapons in Warzone Season 4.
Best meta weapons in Warzone Season 4 - Strongest and most broken guns

The time has finally come for Call of Duty Warzone Season 4, and the new battle royale action includes a multitude of important changes. In addition to the new map, Fortune's Keep, Warzone players will have the option to enjoy a re-worked Caldera and Rebirth Island as well.

Competitive players are already looking for an early edge on their opponents, and there are certainly some important notes to make after the Season 4 weapon balance changes. If you're looking to find your new go-to's, here are the best meta weapons in Warzone Season 4 including the strongest and most broken guns.

Warzone Season 4 - Best meta weapons

Warzone Season 4 best meta weapons strongest and most broken guns
Warzone Season 4 weapon balancing changes have produced some exciting new surprises. (Picture: Activision)

STG44 - Assault rifle

Still the best Assault Rifle in Warzone, even after the Season 4 update, the STG44 is your best bet for early success in Mercenaries of Fortune. The STG44 dominated Season 3, and though it has received slight nerfs, it's likely still the best weapon in its class.

Very impressive damage, a high bullet velocity, and manageable recoil of the STG44 should have you working your way to victory in Fortune's Keep.

STG44 Warzone Season 4 best meta weapons
The STG44 remains a rock solid choice in Warzone Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

NZ-41 - Assault rifle

The Assault Rifle that best rivals the STG44 is likely the NZ-41, which began to climb the AR rankings towards the end of Season 3. This Assault Rifle boasts a very accurate initial fire, though it did receive slight recoil nerfs at the start of Season 4.

However, the NZ-41 also received an interesting change where burst fire now supports auto burst Mode. Players can hold down the fire button to continue firing in bursts.

Warzone Season 4 NZ-41 Assault Rifle
The NZ-41 was among the guns affected by the Season 4 weapon balancing changes. (Picture: Activision)

Type 100 - Submachine gun

Another weapon that has recently grown in popularity, the Type 100 is a very well-rounded SMG that is arguably the best of its class at the start of Season 4. Very impressive mobility, coupled with a solid fire rate and still respectable damage, the Type 100 is a great way to kick off Mercenaries of Fortune. Though it should be noted, this SMG did receive a slight nerf at the start of Season 4, where the Lower Extremities damage multiplier was decreased to 0.95, down from 1.0.

Type 100 Warzone Season 4 best meta weapons
The Type 100 should play nicely on Fortune's Keep thanks to impressive mobility and accuracy. (Picture: Activision)

MP40 - Submachine gun

Almost always one of the most reliable weapon selections in virtually any Warzone season, the MP40 is a terrific close-to-mid range option in Season 4. The MP40 still boasts impressive time-to-kill stats, with a fast fire rate, impressive damage, and very respectable accuracy.

The MP40 remained untouched throughout the Season 4 weapon balancing changes, so when in doubt, this will still be a sturdy SMG option.

MP40 Warzone Season 4 SMG
The MP40 remains a very reliable weapon in Warzone Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune. (Picture: Activision)

HDR - Sniper rifle

The top Sniper rifle in the Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune, players should enjoy high levels of long-range success on Caldera after the recent update. Around 30% of the vegetation has been removed from the battle royale map, and players should take advantage of this Sniper.

Still holding the title of the best one-shot damage weapon in Warzone, get your hands on the HDR and find a spot to reign down Sniper shots in the newly reworked Warzone. The HDR also went through the Season 4 weapon balancing changes unscathed, so expect it to be at full force as Season 4 of Warzone kicks off.

Warzone Season 4 HDR best meta weapons
The HDR is still the best Sniper rifle in Warzone Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

That covers the best meta weapons in Warzone Season 4 after the recent update. We'll be sure to provide loadout guides and more for some of these weapons to help ease your transition into the new season.

For more on the popular Activision franchise, head over to our section dedicated to the latest Call of Duty game guides, news, tips, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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