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Black Ops Cold War: All Scorestreaks reportedly leaked

According to images circulating the internet, all the Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks and their costs might have leaked.
Black Ops Cold War: All Scorestreaks reportedly leaked

During the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War open beta, players only had access to a total of eight scorestreaks. With the game releasing on 13th November, Call of Duty fans might be eager to know the full list of Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks, and how much each one will cost. 

Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks & cost

As reported by CharlieIntel, images have surfaced online showcasing the full list of all Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks. 

As always, you should take information such as this with a grain of salt. The leaked images will not be shown in this article to avoid any potential issues.

Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks costs
(Picture: Activision)


With this in mind, check out the leaked list of scorestreaks and their cost below.

  • Incendiary Bow – 500
  • RC-XD – 600
  • Armour – 700
  • Spy Plane – 800
  • Counter Spy Plane – 900
  • Flamethrower – 1,000
  • Care Package – 1,250
  • Sentry Turret – 1,400
  • Death Machine – 1,500
  • Cruise Missile – 1,750
  • Artillery – 2,000
  • Hand Cannon –  2,250
  • Napalm Strike – 2,500
  • Air Patrol – 3,000
  • War Machine – 3,250
  • Strafe Run – 3,500
  • Attack Helicopter – 4,000
  • H.A.R.P. – 5,000
  • Chopper Gunner – 6,000
  • VTOL Escort – 8,000
  • Gunship – 10,000

According to the leaked images, there should be 21 scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War. We've already seen the Gunship and seven others in action via the open beta.