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What is Caldera Clash mode in Warzone Pacific Season 2?

Caldera Clash is a new limited-time mode arriving at the start of Warzone Pacific: Season 2. Here's everything you know about it!
What is Caldera Clash mode in Warzone Pacific Season 2?
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 2's release announcement has been met with high hope and anticipation given the wealth of new content, including new POIs, weapons, vehicles, map changes and much-needed quality of life improvements.

Per usual, players will also have a shiny new battle pass to look forward to, boasting an all-new Ball Turret Gunner Killstreak, Sticky Bomb, and Armory & Mechanic Perks.

Above and beyond this, Warzone Season 2 will be getting two new limited-time game modes in Season 2, built by High Moon Studios and Beenox: Caldera Clash, releasing at launch, and Rebirth Iron Trials, coming later in the season.

Here's everything we know about Caldera Clash, as shared in the Call of Duty official blog post.

What is Caldera Clash game mode in Warzone Season 2?

Caldera Clash will closely resemble Clash on Verdansk '84 or Warzone Rumble, pitting two teams of up to 48 Operators (divided into Quads) in a Deathmatch with wild events and power-ups.

what is caldera clash warzone pacific season 2 LTM
Caldera Clash is a new LTM headed to Warzone Pacific Season 2 on 14th February.

During the LTM, Operators can drop in with their Custom Loadout, along with any weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Vanguard and a Field Upgrade. Players will then clash heads, with each kill earning their team 1 point.

The first team to reach a defined number of points, or the team with the most points when the time limit expires, wins the game.

The game mode will feature three power-ups and Contracts and Buy Stations, spicing things up further for players. Furthermore, Activision noted that the mode would include Domination Capture and High-Value Target events and other features from the original Clash.

caldera clash warzone season 2
Caldera Clash is a deathmatch featuring power-ups, events, and other features.

Beyond this, there are two new events: Double Point zones and Bonus Point crates, which teams can use to recover from a kill deficit or surge their way to victory.

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