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CDL pro Cammy to receive "sensitivity training" after controversial tweet

The Toronto Ultra player used a word that was deemed inappropriate and will now partake in sensitivity training as well as donating money to a women's shelter.
Despite what fans believed was an April Fool's joke, the Toronto Ultra have confirmed that Scottish pro player Cameron "Cammy" McKilligan will partake in "sensitivity training" as well as donating money to a women's shelter following the usage of the word "c*nt" in a tweet. 

In their statement, Toronto claims that they are "building an inclusive culture" with players and staff "having the responsibility to meet those standards."

toronto ultra cammy slur(Picture: Toronto Ultra)

Cammy tweeted out a separate apology, claiming: "I will work with my team to address this & seek more knowledge on the impact of my words."

Fans, fellow pro players, and casters have sided with Cammy, as they perceive the Ultra's decision to punish the pro player as a harsh decision. CDL caster Miles Ross jokingly asked McKilligan "what have you done now, ya wee c*nt?"

If this is the precedent the CDL team has set, it remains to be seen if other teams will follow suit or if they'll brush Ultra's decision aside for being too strict.