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Charity Warzone tournament from 100 Thieves denied by Activision

100 Thieves had to postpone their charity Warzone tournament, Gamers for Equality, after Activision denied their request to use the game.
Charity Warzone tournament from 100 Thieves denied by Activision
Esports organization 100 Thieves had a charity Call of Duty: Warzone tournament planned, which would have run from today, 18th June until mid-July. However, 100 Thieves was denied the use of Warzone by Activision, which means the Gamers for Equality tournament had to be postponed.


100 Thieves charity Warzone tournament

Throughout the four-week charity Warzone tournament, 100 Thieves planned on donating $100,000 to charity, while also taking donations from the audience. The organization also partnered with multiple groups, including Cash App. 

The Gamers for Equality tournament's aim is to raise money for charity organizations in the fight against racial inequality and to create systematic change. 



Activision, however, denied the use of Call of Duty: Warzone in the tournament. This is reportedly due to the Warzone charity tournament having a sponsor, Cash App. Activision further noted 100 Thieves could run their Warzone charity tournament without a sponsor.


Nadeshot addresses Activision's concerns

The CEO of 100 Thieves, and someone probably all Call of Duty players should know, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, has addressed concerns by Activision in a video tweet.

Concerns raised revolved around the potential of monetizing this charity Warzone tournament due to it being sponsored.



Nadeshot explained: "I just want to make it undoubtedly clear, we weren't making money from this tournament."

Unfortunately, 100 Thieves couldn't drop the Cash App as a sponsor, as it was tied to the tournament after making a $100,000 donation to the cause.

100 Thieves accepted the decision from Activision, and they are making plans to find another publisher and esports title to base the Gamers for Equality tournament on.

At the time of writing, no new title or tournament dates have been revealed. 

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