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COD 2021 "Vanguard" reveal set for Warzone Season 4 live event, leak reveals

It seems that Activision is planning to reveal Call of Duty 2021 the same way Black Ops Cold War has been revealed, with a special event in Warzone which will lead to a reveal trailer.
COD 2021 "Vanguard" reveal set for Warzone Season 4 live event, leak reveals
Over the past few months, there has been a lot of rumours surrounding the next Call of Duty title.

There were various reports and leaks, ranging from claims that a new COD game won't be released at all in 2021, to the imminent announcement of the new game.

The rumours about a game not being released in 2021 ended last week, with Sledgehammer Games being confirmed as the main studio working on a Call of Duty 2021 game.

And while there is no official information about the new game, rumours have been swirling for quite some time that the next COD game is set in WW2, and the name "Vanguard" is supposedly the title of this new COD WW2 game.

Sledgehammer Games were behind the development of 2017' COD WW2, so they are probably the best studio if there will be indeed a new COD game set in this period.

Keep in mind that these are all rumours, and the official information is yet to be revealed.

When is the COD 2021 announcement?

call of duty ww2 2021
(Picture: Activision)

Reveals of the new COD games usually come around May or June, but last year it was significantly delayed due to COVID-19 issues, and thus Black Ops Cold War has been revealed in August.

This year, the reveal shouldn't be delayed that much and according to some recent leaks, we can expect it to happen in June.

According to Zesty, a renowned COD leaker, there's a new major event slated for Warzone in the upcoming weeks.

What's particularly interesting about this event is its name. The event is called  "X2", while the Black Ops Cold War reveal event, which happened in Warzone as well, was named  "x1_fin".

The similarity of the names is obvious, and while not confirmed, this strongly points towards the reveal event for COD 2021 "Vanguard".

The Black Ops Cold War reveal saw players tracking down Woods, one of Black Ops' main characters, and players who have completed the task were shown the "Know Your History" reveal trailer.

Zesty says that this major event is "coming soon" and though he did not specify the exact dates, we expect it to happen during Warzone Season 4, which should start on 16th or 17th June.