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COD Mobile developers confirm fix is coming for desync bug

Activision has stated the company is working on a fix for a huge desync bug in Call of Duty: Mobile, which should arrive in the next update.
COD Mobile developers confirm fix is coming for desync bug
A fix for the desync issue in Call of Duty: Mobile, which makes some players invincible, is in the works for a future update. 

Many players have encountered a bug within the title which causes players to severely lag and fall out of sync in multiplayer matches, sometimes allowing players to go unaffected by bullets. 

As you can imagine, this is a big issue for a shooter. Activision however have addressed the topic in their latest community update, outlining how they believe they’ve found the issue and are “working towards a fix”. 

COD Mobile
A key update to COD Mobile is coming (Picture: Activision) 


“To be completely honest about this issue, it hasn’t been an easy one to narrow down,” the update reads. “However we believe we have found the possible cause and are working towards a fix. 

“With that said, we have some server/client optimisations coming in the next update that should help resolve this. We know that isn’t immediate, but we hope you all know that we haven’t given up, we aren’t ignoring your calls for help, and that this is still on our minds daily.”


While it’s unclear when this update will arrive, it’s at least confirmation they’re tackling the issue - we just have to hope it isn’t too long a wait.

The next update to Call of Duty: Mobile will also bring in a new ranked season and a number of additional challenges, along with the Solstice Awakened Event.