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Call of Duty
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COD Mobile Season 11: Activision asks fans to reserve judgement

The one-year anniversary season for COD Mobile (Season 11) is getting fans riled up, resulting in Activision asking them to reserve judgement until release.
Call of Duty: Mobile fans are extremely excited for the game's anniversary season, and an event as well as changes and additions coming to the game soon. Since there are no test servers for the massive COD Mobile Season 11 update, leaks have been pouring in, and fans are getting a bit riled up.

COD Mobile Season 11: Activision responds

Call of Duty publisher Activision has now responded to fans asking about Season 11, its content, and what they can expect from COD Mobile's anniversary event. 

While the developer has teased the Halloween Standoff map and even revealed some content such as the new map called King, players still don't know exactly what to expect.


Since COD Mobile released on 1 October 2019, it is already past its one-year birthday, leaving fans to ask "what did Activision give us with this anniversary".

Activision has now responded to COD Mobile fans via the game's official account on Reddit.

Activision states: "All we can ask is to please reserve your judgement until the anniversary season actually comes out. For everyone saying 'what did Activision give us with this anniversary' can you please wait until the anniversary season actually releases haha? How can you even guess that at this moment?"

Activision continued by explaining how the season hasn't released yet for any version of the game.

Cod mobile season 11 release activision

(Picture: Activision)


The publisher continues by imploring fans to withhold judgement: "if you have the same criticism after the update and season release occur then that's completely fair game. Only a few days more until you can properly make those judgements. Just hang tight, we are almost there everyone!"

COD Mobile Season 11 is expected to release on 15th October at 00:00 AM UTC. For those in the UK, the release time of COD Mobile Season 11 is around 14th October at 22:00.

Keep in mind times might differ depending on your platform, and how smoothly the launch goes. For now, all fans can really do is hang in there, and wait for the season to get underway.