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COD Mobile Season's End event: All missions and rewards

COD Mobile Season 7 is coming close to an end and the final week brought the new Season’s End event, featuring a bunch of complimentary rewards.
COD Mobile Season's End event: All missions and rewards
The final week of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 marks the addition of the Monastery multiplayer map along with two new featured events. The Season’s End is one of the two new events in the game which provides the COD Mobile players with an opportunity to unlock the exclusive ATV vehicle Colorweave camo. 

The gamers can also obtain other cosmetic rewards while grinding for the beautiful ATV vehicle Colorweave camo. Like all the Call of Duty: Mobile events, there’s no monetary fee to enter; hence players don’t have to spend a dime to grab the rewards. However, they will need to spend some time in the battle royale and multiplayer mode to complete the event tasks.

COD Mobile Season’s End: Missions and rewards

Cod mobile season 7 end of season missions and rewards
List of all the missions and rewards in the COD Mobile Season’s End event. (Picture: Activision)

The Season’s End event will continue until 22nd September in Call of Duty: Mobile. Therefore, make sure to finish all of the following tasks before the event ends:

  • Login for 3 days: 10 points

  • Login for 5 days: 20 points

  • Play 10 matches in any mode: 10 points

  • Play 5 matches with Friends in any mode: 10 points

  • Kill 25 enemies in any mode: 15 points

  • Kill 50 enemies in any mode: 20 points

  • Use operator skills 5 times in MP matches: 10 points

  • Enter the Top 15 in BR three times: 10 points

  • Enter the Top 5 in BR three times: 10 points

  • Play 5 ranked matches in any mode: 15 points

  • Win 2 ranked matches in any mode: 10 points

Players can get the ATV – Colorweave operator by accumulating 120 points from the above tasks. Furthermore, as one might notice, all of the missions together offers a total of 140 points. So one can also skip certain missions and still unlock all the rewards.

Unlock the exclusive ATV Colorweave in COD Mobile for free. (Picture: Activision)

Based on the points earned, the following rewards will get unlocked:

  • 60 points: Weapon XP cards x5

  • 70 points: Credits x200

  • 80 points: Motorcycle - Navy Digital

  • 100 points: ICR-1 - New Digital

  • 120 points: ATV - Colorweave

So there you have it, what you need to know about the Season’s End event in COD Mobile. Grab all those free rewards before 22nd September 2021 and earn as many points as you can.


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