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COD Vanguard gunsmith leaked: Weapon stats, perks, attachments, more

The Vanguard alpha is being held this weekend and diligent dataminers were already able to dig for more details beyond what was available in alpha testing.
COD Vanguard gunsmith leaked: Weapon stats, perks, attachments, more
Call Of Duty: Vanguard's free alpha weekend is here, available exclusively for players on the PS4 and PS5.

The alpha is focused on the brand new mode called Champion Hill, where everyone starts with the same loadout and thus players are restricted from learning more details about the game at this point, but those rules do not apply for dataminers, who were able to break the alpha, allowing them to access Call Of Duty: Vanguard's gunsmith, and share with us more details about the game's weapons and all the loadout options.

A dataminer that goes by the name The Ghost on Twitter was able to share a myriad of new details in regard to weapons in Vanguard, including weapon stats, perks, attachments, blueprints, and more.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard alpha gunsmith leaks

COD Vanguard gunsmith leaked: Weapon stats, perks, attachments, more
Vanguard's gunsmith loadout background. (Picture: Activision/TheGhostOfMW)

The Ghost has meticulously searched through Vanguard's files and was able to share a number of interesting details about the game's weapons and mechanics around it.

Probably the biggest reveal is that he was able to share a huge list of over 70 attachments alongside levels at which you unlock each attachment.

He was also able to confirm that attachments will work in the same manner as in Black Ops Cold War, which means that they will show clear pros and cons.

The Ghost thinks that these are not all of the attachments, as he has noticed that there are not a lot of the attachments for shotguns.

There are currently 23 optics in total, and they will affect ADS speed negatively, just like in Modern Warfare (2019).

COD Vanguard gunsmith leaked: Weapon stats, perks, attachments, more
The STG gunsmith screen. (Picture: Activision/TheGhostOfMW)

Not all weapons in the same class will have the same maximum level, and he shared an example of the STG44, whose max level is 71.

The Ghost was also able to find some of the blueprints which are currently available in Vanguard's store, including Vampyr, Headhunter, Underfire for the STG and Heavy Duty, Driller, Sportsman for the BAR.

COD Vanguard gunsmith leaked: Weapon stats, perks, attachments, more
The STG stats in Vanguard. (Picture: Activision/TheGhostOfMW)

When it comes to perks, some of the perks coming in Vanguard are Tactician, Low Profile, and Fortified.

  • Low Profile: Training in how to avoid detection by the enemy. Immune to the effects of Piercing Vision.
  • Fortified: Reduce damage and health regen delay from explosives. Damage reduction increased while mounted, crouched, or prone.

As always, keep in mind that nothing here is confirmed or final, as this is datamined information from the early alpha build of the game, and a lot can and will change by the time the game is ready for the full release. Various things will be added; some will be removed, while some will be altered.

If you want to try the game early, you can participate in the Battle for the Vanguard Beta series to have a chance to play the game before its official release on 5th November 2021. 

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