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Call of Duty
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COD Warzone Nakatomi Plaza vault: How to open and loot

As part of the farewell tour of Verdansk, we get one more shot to roam around one of the most iconic buildings in the history of actions movies and try to get some cash while we open Nakatomi Plaza’s vault.
If nostalgia has not hit you hard enough with the whole swirl of changes coming to the Call of Duty franchise, the remembrance of the ‘80s Action Heroes event in Warzone may be the last straw, especially with the return of the Nakatomi Plaza’s side missions.

The iconic building that was part of the original Die Hard action movie was one of the best parts of the event as it allowed you to become John McClane for a moment and become the acclaimed hero that saved the day.

In Warzone, that also meant a couple of sidequests for the players in order to obtain amazing rewards including the chance to open the building’s vault and get a boatload of cash, and we are here to tell you how to do just that.

How to open Nakatomi Plaza's vault in Warzone

COD Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Vault In game
Enjoy a fun Warzone side quest inside one of the most iconic landmarks in the history of action cinema. (Picture: Activision)

On paper all three side missions in Nakatomi Plaza are quite simple, the hard part is dealing with the other players while trying to complete one of the following:

  • Hostile Fire: Find and disarm all C4 locations
  • Unfinished Business: Find three crates
  • Deal Gone Wrong: Eliminate waves of enemies

As all of the side missions could be interrupted by other players on the map, our best recommendation would be to jump on a playlist that has unlimited lives like Plunder and go for the “Unfinished Business” although you are welcome to try the other two as you get additional, unique rewards per side mission.

Once you complete either of those missions, head over to the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza and use the keycard you obtained to open the vault.

COD Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Vault Open
You will need to complete one of the themed side-missions in order to obtain the keycard necessary to open the vault. (Picture: Activision)

Regardless of the side mission, you chose to complete you will get access to the vault where you will be able to get a quite large quantity of cash that will definitely give you an advantage in such a money-driven mode like Plunder or even a jumpstart in a classic royale.

Also, you will be able to open with the same keycard a corresponding deposit box with an extra reward, that will vary depending on the side mission you chose:

  • Vault Keycard 1 (Unfinished Business) - Specialist Bonus
  • Vault Keycard 2 (Hostile Fire) - Advanced UAV killstreak
  • Vault Keycard 3 (Deal Gone Wrong) - Contraband contract for a random weapon blueprint

Of course, the first two will give you an edge on your current match while the third one is more appealing for those who like to collect as many blueprints as possible.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision