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COD Warzone Pacific: Nebula V bombs and ammo explained

As if worrying about ballistics and explosives was not enough, Nebula V armoury will become the latest arsenal to arrive at Caldera in Warzone Pacific.
COD Warzone Pacific: Nebula V bombs and ammo explained
We are already bitting our nails, waiting for Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 to drop on Valentine’s day. However, not everything will be love and hugs because Nebula V weapons will be the latest toy arriving on Caldera.

One of the most (if not the most) frustrating ways to die in Warzone Pacific is getting caught in the chemical gas while trying to escape flying bullets directed at you.

If that wasn’t enough, now players will have to worry about Nebula V ammo and explosives that will only provoke them to increase their alertness while trying to be the last man standing in Caldera. Here's what we know about these new additions to Warzone Pacific's next season.

All Nebula V weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 2

According to an official blog post, we will now have the opportunity to choose Nebula V ammo as a field upgrade, which will give us a clip of bullets filled with deadly gas.

That means that whenever you down an enemy using those bullets, they will emanate a poisonous gas cloud that will elicit the same symptoms as when you get trapped in the closing circle.

Indeed, this will make your teammates have second thoughts about reviving you right away.

Warzone Pacific Nebula V SEO Ammo
You will need to take your strategic abilities to the next level as more chemical weapons will be added to Warzone Pacific. (Picture: Activision)

Regardless, the ultimate chemical weapon will be the Nebula V Bomb, one of the rarest items to find lying around the tropical island. This locked briefcase will contain an explosive charge that will deal immense damage in the area closest to detonation.

Afterwards, it will spread poisonous gas for two minutes, affecting all players not wearing masks before dispersing or feeding into the closing circle.

What is PDS in Warzone Pacific Season 2?

Fortunately, not everything is harsh news. We will also get new field equipment, namely, the Portable Decontamination Stations (PDS), which could help players get out of a tricky situation if used properly. 

These helpful devices will filter the air within a specific range for several seconds, which will protect anyone who gets inside from the closing circle or Nebula V weaponry.

Warzone Pacific Nebula V SEO PDS
The Nebula V weaponry and PDS will shake up the positional strategies of all teams. (Picture: Activision)

Independently of who uses it, the PDS will appear on everyone’s Tac Maps whenever it is activated. Indeed, this is something that players will need to think about since it could transform the game's current positional strategies entirely.

Regardless, it would be best if you jumped on these weapons quickly to give you the best chance to claim victory on the tropical island of Caldera in the new season.


Feature image courtesy of Activision