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COD Warzone Prime Gaming Rewards: FREE bundles

If you are part of the Amazon Gaming rewards program you will get monthly benefits for Warzone and this month's bounty has some great surprises for us.
COD Warzone Prime Gaming Rewards: FREE bundles
We love free stuff, especially whenever we get them by practically doing nothing which is exactly what will happen if you have your Prime Gaming account (Amazon) connected to your Activision account.

Every month, you will get some amazing rewards for Call of Duty: Warzone and 2022 has started with the right foot as we will get two great bundles from past seasons.

The Circuit Board bundle and the Deadly & Delicate bundle will be January rewards in Prime Gaming and we will go over every item you will get from being part of that program.

Prime Gaming Reward: Circuit Board bundle

COD Warzone Prime Gaming Jan Rewards Circuit Board Bundle
The Circuit Board bundle includes a legendary blueprint for the assault rifle Groza. (Picture: Activision)
  • Motherboard - Legendary Blueprint: Groza Assault Rifle
  • Resistor - Legendary Blueprint: M82 Sniper Rifle
  • Digital Transmission - Legendary Emblem
  • Circuit Board - Legendary Calling Card
  • Desktop - Rare Charm
  • Digital Arcade - Epic Sticker

Aside from the tech artwork in calling cards, emblems and stickers, we will get two great builds for the Groza assault rifle and the M82 sniper rifle which will help us take over Caldera.

The Groza is a one-dimensional AR as it works only in close combat situations but this build enhances and expands its performance enough to compete with some A and B tier weapons. The M82 has exactly the same fate as we rank it as a C-tier sniper rifle but with this built it becomes very serviceable.

Prime Gaming Reward: Delicate & Deadly bundle

COD Warzone Prime Gaming Jan Rewards Delicate & Deadly Bundle
The Delicate & Deadly bundle definitely brings an elegant twist on Warzone weapons. (Picture: Activision)
  • Porcelain - Legendary Blueprint: QBZ-83 Assault Rifle
  • Feldspar - Epic Blueprint: MP5 SMG
  • Kaolin - Epic Blueprint: 1911 Handgun
  • Cookiejar - Epic Charm

If you think that sophistication cannot be deadly you will find you are in the wrong as the Delicate & Deadly bundle has some great options for you to use during battle.

The Porcelain blueprint will enhance a rather bland assault rifle like the QBZ-83 as it is only a B-tier in our ranks but it can work out for you. Nonetheless, the better option will be to go with the Feldspar blueprint as the MP5 is one of the better SMGs in the game, barely falling short of the S-tier rank and with those attachments becomes a masterpiece in the right hands.

If you have not linked your Activision and Prime Gaming account you better be quick as you will get amazing monthly rewards that can certainly help you earn some Warzone Victories.


Feature image courtesy of Activision