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COD Warzone Season 6: How to complete Metro easter egg and earn Firebrand blueprint

Here's a quick guide on how to complete the new Metro Station easter egg that will net you a sweet blueprint upon completion.
COD Warzone Season 6: How to complete Metro easter egg and earn Firebrand blueprint
Call of Duty Warzone players have a lot to discover with the arrival of Season 6, as map changes, new cosmetics, and a Battle Pass to encourage the grind for the foreseeable future.

A feature that is making its debut with Season 6 of the free-to-play battle royale is a Metro system, capable of moving players across different areas with ease, and which boasts a special easter egg with an exclusive blueprint as a reward for those that complete it.

Here's how to do the Warzone Season 6 Metro Subway easter egg and the rewards you'll get for doing so.

How to complete Warzone Season 6 Metro Station easter egg

First off, what you need to do is land at the City Hall, located at coordinates G6 of the Verdansk map. Once there, immediately run to the Bank desk where you will find a keypad, enter the code '2179' to trigger the next phase of the puzzle. 

warzone easter egg
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

Once you input the code, the building will start filling up with gas. Next up, check the computer located in front of the keypad you just used, pay close attention to the pictures and the number, as you need to locate each painting in the building, each one has a unique number (roman numerals) below where they're hanging, use this number and the one that's flashing on the computer to earn the second code.

Here's a quick example: picture 1 has the number 7 below it, and the computer is flashing a +1 on the screen, simply do the math and you'll find that 8 is the first number of the second code.

Once you've pieced out all four numbers, you'll need to solve a quick puzzle to enter it -- it requires you to mix and match shapes of different numbers to input the code.

warzone metro easter eggs
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

If you succeded, the text Subway Override Authorized will pop-up. Make your way to the Metro Station located at Verdansk International Airport at D4.

Once there, turn left and walk past the train tracks, on your left you'll spot a two-door gate, bust through it and simply interact with the terminal (it will pop an "A.E. Train Arriving Soon" message) and a train will arrive shortly thereafter. 

(Picture: Infinity Ward)
You're done! All that's left for you to do is to loot the entire area which is filled with incredibly powerful gear and killstreaks, and of course, the Firebrand Light Machine Gun.

If you want video reference, we recommend you check out NsvProductions' rundown of the easter egg to aid you through it.