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Disgusting Warzone bug is as hilarious as it is grotesque

Players have run into a new grotesque Warzone bug/glitch giving them a look at what goes on inside an Operator's skull.
Disgusting Warzone bug is as hilarious as it is grotesque
While the Call of Duty: Warzone developers continue their fight against cheaters, that's not the only thing wrong in Verdansk right now. It is no secret that Warzone has some bugs and glitches as well, and we do hope the developers fix some of the bugs with the Season 5 Reloaded update. While we've seen players become invisible, and weapons being distorted, this one might just take the cake as the most disturbing Warzone glitch or bug of them all. 

Warzone bug gives a look at the inside of an Operator's skull

Taking to Reddit to share their disturbing experience, user "weyess" showcased what we believe to be a brand-new bug in Warzone via a thread aptly entitled "What am I even looking at?"

If you've found this article thanks to morbid curiosity and a need to know what goes on inside an Operator's skull, well, then you probably won't be disappointed.

Warzone bug glitch disgusting inside operator skull head
The Operator's jaw and teeth view inside its skull. (Picture: Activision / Reddit)

The answer is, not much really. The user was playing a game of Quads and at the start of it all, this disgusting Warzone bug transported the player's point-of-view inside the skull of their character.

Luckily, this Warzone bug/glitch only lasted for a few seconds, and as the outside view of the helicopter in the pre-match sequence appeared, the bug disappeared.

Warzone bug glitch disgusting inside operator head skull
Calm down please, that's a view of an eyeball from its side. (Picture: Activision / Reddit)

What is a bit impressive is how detailed it all is, from the eyelashes to the skin and teeth. There are even veins on the side of the Operator's eyeball, a detail that you won't see via standard gameplay.

Due to the nature of the bug or glitch occurring during the pre-match sequence, it should also not be considered game-breaking at all.

Check out this disturbing Warzone glitch or bug (whatever you want to call it really) in action below.

Warning: You can't unsee this.

We hope that this bug does not become widespread, especially for those who are a bit squeamish. 

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