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Envy CEO claims dropping Huke had nothing to do with player's decision to stop taking Adderall

Rufail claims Team Envy has always incited players to live a healthy life and says he is "proud of Huke" for talking about the issues.

Team Envy owner Mike "Hastr0" Rufail posted a video response following yesterday's confession from Cuyler "Huke" Garland regarding Adderall abuse and other not-so-happy memories during his time in Dallas Empire.

In the video, Garland revealed that he was on Adderall even during the CDL Grand Finals. Dallas Empire were the CDL Champions in 2020 after defeating Atlanta FaZe, and Huke explained that he stopped using Adderall after the win, and has decided to enter the next season "clean".

Huke claims that Adderall abuse was almost the norm, something that was expected from players, and that he was feeling pressure from his teammates.

cod huke dallas adderall abuse
(Picture: Team Envy)

According to Huke, he thinks that he was benched by Dallas at the beginning of Stage 3 because he was no longer using Adderall and thus his performance wasn't as good as it was in the previous seasons. He added that there was no understanding from his coach Rambo and owner Mike “Hastr0” Rufail, despite talking directly with them and opening up about his mental and physical health.

On the other hand, Rufail claims that Huke being benched has nothing to do with Huke's decision to stop taking Adderall, rather it was purely a strategic decision in regards to his gameplay issues.

Rufail emphasizes that they as an organisation appreciate everything he did while being in the org, as the longest-standing member in the org's history, with almost five years in Team Envy.

He then proceeds to explain how Team Envy never forced anyone to live an unhealthy life.

"Never in our history have we ever influenced a player to make unhealthy decisions. It's actually the opposite, we are always pushing our players to make the healthiest decisions possible and allow them to be better competitors," Rufail explained.

Rufail added they hope that Huke's video will inspire and influence other players to make better and healthier decisions.

Regarding Huke's benching, Rufail insists that it only has to do with gameplay issues and the team "not being able to reach our goals with the current roster we had".

"Ray, our staff and players worked with Cuyler for over a month to address gameplay issues and did not feel those issues were fixed," Rufail tweeted out as a follow-up. "I let Cuyler know 2 weeks in advance that we were considering benching him before we did."

Dallas Empire Mike Rufail Huke adderall
(Picture: Team Envy)

Dallas Empire's coach Raymond "Rambo" Lussier, who was together with Rufail in the video, added that there was simply no progress at that moment.

"We got to a point where things were kinda not really progressing, almost regressing from a gameplay standpoint and we felt like changes were needed to happen and we went with the changes because of that reason only," Rambo explained.

Rambo supported Rufail's statement that they as a team are advocating for a healthy lifestyle, and that they are proud of Huke and happy for his decisions.

Rufail confirmed that Huke visited him to inform him about not abusing Adderall anymore, but states that he was nothing but happy about that decision and was glad that he is being happier as well.

Noticeably absent in the video is that Rufail didn't comment on the claim that other players were abusing Adderall as well, and that, according to Huke, there is a whole culture of Adderall abuse in the org.