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How to unlock 410 Ironhide Shotgun in Warzone Season 6

Warzone is finally getting a new shotgun, the 410 Ironhide, here's how you can unlock it in Warzone Season 6.
Warzone Season 6 is here, the final Cold War season before the release of Call of Duty Vanguard on 5th November.

And it wouldn't be a final season if it didn't come with a big blast, bringing not two, but five new functional weapons during the season, the return of the original Gulag, shiny new battle pass, huge changes to Verdansk, and much more.

For the first time since Season 1 back in December 2020, Warzone is finally getting a new weapon in the shotgun category - the 410 Ironhide.

This lever-action shotgun packs immense power, in fact, it boasts the longest one-shot elimination range in its category, while still being rather decent at close-range due to its high damage.

Sounds like something you will want to play with? Here's how to unlock the 410 Ironhide Shotgun in Warzone Season 6.

How to get the 410 Ironhide Shotgun in Warzone Season 6

How to unlock 410 Ironhide Shotgun in Warzone Season 6
The 410 Ironhide is one of the most powerful shotguns in Warzone. (Picture: Activision)

Unlike in-season weapons, for the start-of-the-season guns, there are no special challenges and missions you will need to complete in order to get new weapons.

In order to unlock the first shotgun that Warzone is getting in 2021, all you need to do is to level up your Season 6 battle pass to tier 15, at which point the 410 Ironhide will be automatically added to your collection of guns.

Just like all other functional weapons, the 410 Ironhide is available as a free battle pass reward, you don't need to buy the premium battle pass in order to unlock it.

But if you want to speed up the process, you can always buy the Battle Pass Bundle, which will, among other things, grant you 20 Tier Skips, and that means that you will instantly get access to the 410 Ironhide shotgun, no need to grind. And at Tier 95, you will also unlock a carnival-themed weapon blueprint for the 410 Ironhide, called the "Kill Shot".

How to get the 410 Ironhide Shotgun in Warzone Season 6
This beautiful 410 Ironhide blueprint awaits you at Tier 95. (Picture: Activision)

And there you have it, you are all set and ready to start blasting people with your powerful new toy. We've seen its upsides, but what are the weapon's downsides? Well, it's really, really slow. It has a low rate of fire and it's reloading painfully slowly, and that means that every shot counts, as you will often find yourself without a second chance if you miss.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.