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How to unlock XS1 Goliath scorestreak in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile received the XS1 Goliath scorestreak in one of the recent updates, which can now be obtained from the in-game store.
How to unlock XS1 Goliath scorestreak in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has a vast collection of scorestreaks, a mechanism in multiplayer mode that you can rack up by accumulating points. The XS1 Goliath is one of the many scorestreaks in COD Mobile that can help you turn the tables of the match if appropriately utilised.

The XS1 Goliath scorestreak provides the player with complete body armour making it a tedious task for the rival team to assassinate him. Besides this, the player also gets a minigun with infinite ammo. However, it’s worth noting that the minigun does overheat when used constantly for a long time. 

COD Mobile XS1 Goliath scorestreak
XS1 Goliath scorestreak comes with body armour and a mini machine gun. (Picture: Activision)

Now you are probably familiar with its function and want to know the process to get it. With that being said, let’s check out how you can unlock the XS1 Goliath scorestreak.

COD Mobile: How to unlock XS1 Goliath scorestreak

Earlier, the players could snag the XS1 Goliath scorestreak in Call of Duty: Mobile via a certain game challenge. At the moment, one can directly purchase it from the COD Mobile store for 2000 Credits which is a pretty straightforward task. 

However, one must spend a bunch of CP in order to grab it for his loadout. However, it’s not a big deal as the credit points can easily be earned by participating in the seasonal challenges, featured events, daily login and more.

COD Mobile XS1 Goliath
Acquire the XS1 Goliath by spending 2000 credits in the store. (Picture: Activision)

Like other COD Mobile scorestreaks, players are required to accumulate 900 points in multiplayer matches without dying in order to activate the XS1 Goliath. When it is activated, players can throw a flare on the ground, and after some time, they will find a pod dropping from the sky on that location. Finally, they have to trigger the pod to equip the scorestreak.

So there you have it, what you need to unlock the XS1 Goliath scorestreak in Call of Duty: Mobile. So grab it and summon a powerful armour and a minigun with limitless ammo.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision