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How to watch $20K Army Code Freedom Warzone tournament: Schedule, stream, teams, more

It's all about freedom with the latest BoomTV Warzone Code Red tournament. Here you will find the schedule, streams, trios, and everything else you need to know about the Army National Guard Code Freedom Warzone tournament.
How to watch $20K Army Code Freedom Warzone tournament: Schedule, stream, teams, more

BoomTV is back with another Warzone Code Red event and this time around, they are joining forces with the United States Army National Guard.

The Army National Guard and BoomTV are bringing to Warzone fans the Code Red Freedom Warzone tournament, boasting a $20,000 prize pool and some of the biggest Warzone content creators in the world.

Let's check out all the important details about the event.

Code Red Freedom schedule

The Army National Guard Code Freedom Warzone tournament will be a 1-day event, set to take place on 14th July, starting at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET / 9 pm CET.

Code Red Freedom format

Army National Guard Code Freedom Warzone tournament trios
(Picture: BoomTV)

Just like one of the previous BoomTV events, the tournament is running an Odd-Man Out Trios format.

  • One player from each team is selected and designated as the odd man out by their own team for the matchup (can change every matchup)
  • Odd man out plays in opposing team's team for the remainder of the bracket matchup
  • Teams will queue into BR Trios public matchmaking
  • Bo3 Map Wins
  • An overall winning team is the one with the most kills (1 kill is 1pt)

Winner's bracket:

  • Best of Three Kill Race
  • Grand Final's Reset will be a Best of Three should the winner of loser's bracket win in Grand Finals.
  • The Trio with the most kills in a game will win that map. Winners of two maps advance in the bracket.

Loser's bracket:

  • Loser's Bracket is Best of One and Loser's Final is Best of Three
  • The Trio with the most kills in a game will win that map

Code Red Freedom Trios and players

Army National Guard Code Freedom Warzone tournament trios
(Picture: BoomTV)

The event will include 16 invited trios in total, featuring some of the biggest Warzone YouTuber and Twitch stars.

Here are all currently revealed trios and captains

Trios Trios
Jukeyz, Fifakill, Smit Warsz, Skullface49, Lenun
TeePee, Unrational, Scummn BobbyPoff, Ottereyes, Stayfinessen
SuperEvan, MuTeX, DiazBiffle IceManIsaac, Braalik, Exzachtt
TeeGrizzley, Gunsworld, DJmas M0e, TBA, TBA
LEGIQN, Sloppyharry, Reedr Aydan, TBA, TBA
ZLaner, Destroy, Clutchbelk Tommey, TBA, TBA
Ays, Zpki, Twisty (Collegiate Qualifier) HusKerrs, TBA, TBA


Code Red Freedom Trios prize pool

The event features a $20,000 prize pool which will be split as follows:

  • 1st - $11,000
  • 2nd - $5,000
  • 3rd - $3,000
  • 4th - $1,000

Code Red Freedom stream: How to watch

The tournament will be broadcasted live on the official BoomTV Twitch channel.

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