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Warzone console cheat using machine learning shut down by Activision

Activision has shut down the Warzone console cheat that uses machine learning before it could even begin to spread to Verdansk.
Warzone console cheat using machine learning shut down by Activision

While Warzone will for the foreseeable future still have a cheating problem, one frightening cheat has been shut down by Call of Duty publisher Activision before it could even spread. Earlier in July, we reported on a console cheat for Warzone that was in the works, which used machine learning to send input to a controller for both current and next-gen consoles. Think of it as an AI-powered aim assist just boosted to incredible effect. Well, Activision has now shut down the development of this Warzone cheat.

Next-gen Warzone console cheat shuts down

Thanks to an announcement from the "Anti-cheat Police Department" on Twitter from Vanguard anti-cheat analyst GamerDoc, we now know the next-gen Warzone cheat won't make it to consoles.

The post explains: "Activision has made their stance very clear that they are not messing around, they went right for the head and stopped it from spreading or taking off. Incredible."

Attached with this great news for those who want nothing more than a hacker-free Verdansk, an image of a statement by the cheat creator, known as "USER101" was showcased.

Warzone cheat console machine learning shut down activision hacker cheaters
(Picture: Twitter / Anti-cheat PD)

According to USER101, they have stopped the development of this technology at the request of Activision.

However, the creator does note their intent was never to do "anything illegal". Further, and likely very important for Warzone players, is that the cheat was never published.

USER101 goes on to explain that this tech has benefits: "This type of technology has other assistive benefits, for example, by pointing a webcam at yourself, you could control movement without the use of limbs. Unfortunately, because of its potential negative impact, I will not be developing it further."

That's an interesting comment, to say the least. If this technology could help disabled persons enjoy games like Warzone in the future, maybe, just maybe, game developers could pick it up in the future, as a real assistive feature.

For now, however, the development has been shut down, and the next-gen, machine-learning Warzone cheat fears have been put to rest.

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