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Insane slide bug is ruining Black Ops Cold War

The open beta for Black Ops Cold War has showcased an insane movement mechanic that’s going to need a nerf before the full release on 13th November.
Insane slide bug is ruining Black Ops Cold War
PlayStation 4 users have been able to have the first crack at the open beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. While there has been some positive feedback about certain aspects, most of the comments have taken a criticizing tone with issues around the games' muffled sound and TTK being the most prominent.

black ops cold war slide bug
(Picture: Treyarch)

However, this is good for Treyarch to hear and see, as the developers can make some changes before the full launch. One of those changes might have to come a little sooner than that, though. 

A certain movement mechanic has been discovered with the sliding that has completely broken Black Ops Cold War. Players are sliding around the map with insane ease and it’s taken the place of sprinting altogether. 

Sliding bug needs a nerf in Black Ops Cold War

At this time, it’s hard to tell if this newfound mechanic is a bug or was simply an oversight by the Treyarch developers. It wouldn’t be surprising if it was the latter, as Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 featured the infamous ‘G-Slide’, an insane movement mechanic that needed to be patched out of the game. 

This new mechanic in Black Ops Cold War isn’t as severe as the G-Slide, but it still needs some kind of a nerf or to be patched altogether. 


As you can see from the clip, the player is able to continually slide without having to stop for anything. All that’s involved is jumping shortly after you come out of your initial slide, then pressing the slide button again. It’s a trick any player can do, which makes it that much more dangerous. It messes up the timings on any given map and allows players to ditch sprinting and walking completely. 

Treyarch has yet to comment on the matter but we would imagine they’ve seen reports of the broken mechanic. Hopefully, we see a nerf to the sliding in Black Ops Cold War before the Open Beta ends next weekend.