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Fans angered at decision to add disbanding lobbies to Black Ops Cold War

The COD community has been raising diverse concerns when it comes to the upcoming title developed by Treyarch.
Fans angered at decision to add disbanding lobbies to Black Ops Cold War
Initial excitement for a brand-new Call of Duty: Black Ops title has been dwindling amongst the hardcore community. As players get to experience the multiplayer of Cold War, fans have been criticising components like the skill-based matchmaking the game puts in place, and now, some want the lobby disbanding system to be removed.

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(Photo: Treyarch)

Originally, during the exclusive Alpha for PlayStation 4 users, the game wouldn't break the teams after a match ended, letting the players choose whether they wanted to keep playing in the same lobby or if they preferred to back out and look for new players. That system changed for the Beta, with lobbies completely breaking apart after each session.

Fans have taken to Reddit to express their discomfort with this decision, hoping it gets removed once the full game comes out this upcoming 13th of November.  

In a post shared by user tyronefenton, he wants Treyarch to "reverse lobbies disbanding on game completion," has he thinks the "vote mechanic is pointless" due to this.

"We join late games so much more often, and we lose the opportunity to get revenge, particularly in close well balanced games. Also much more social/competitive," he added.

The comments overwhelmingly agree, and the thread has received over 3.5k upvoted on the official Cold War subreddit. Some of the comments are perplexed as to Teyarch's reasoning, as user WhyTryGG claims that they "already knew the community liked the non disbanding lobbies in the alpha but yet they went ahead and changed it anyway."

As of right now, Treyarch has yet to address this issue, and it remains to be seen if disbanding lobbies will continue when the full game comes out.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War comes out 13 November, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.