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Is Warzone Pacific getting a Ranked mode?

Is the long-awaited Ranked mode finally coming with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific?
Is Warzone Pacific getting a Ranked mode?
One of the more frequent questions asked throughout the life cycle of Call of Duty: Warzone is surrounding a Ranked mode. Essentially all other battle royale titles have some kind of competitive playlist separate from the standard modes. This allows players who want more of a challenge to experience the game in a competitive environment, complete with consequences for doing poorly and rewards for excelling. 

With the arrival of Warzone Pacific, those questions are popping up yet again. However, there is no definitive answer from the sides of Activision or Raven Software. Although, we do have some leaks to fall back on that could indicate good news on the Ranked mode front. 

Ranked mode in Warzone Pacific 

Warzone pacific ranked mode caldera
Warzone Pacific launched with the new map Caldera. (Picture: Activision)

As of right now, there’s nothing official in terms of news about Ranked in Warzone Pacific. All we have are some tweets from inside sources that indicate a Ranked mode could arrive with the new instalment of Warzone. 

Of course, the mode didn’t come with Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, so the timeline is likely sometime in 2022 if it does arrive. The first leak about this possibility came from @ModernWarzone on Twitter, a popular creator and inside source when it comes to Call of Duty. He simply tweeted the word “Ranked” next to the Warzone hashtag and the checkmark emoji. 

So while the leaker didn’t go too in-depth, the tweet speaks for itself. This leak was also backed up by another tweet from @TheMW2Ghost, another popular leaker in the community. They tweeted an apparent description from the Ranked mode itself, stating “Unable to join game – the skill difference is too big.”  

This seemingly points to the supposed Ranked mode in Warzone featuring some kind of ELO system that only allows players with certain ranks to play with one another. 

Warzone pacific season 1
Warzone Pacific is live with Season 1 alongside Vanguard. (Picture: Activision)

Of course, all of this is simply conjecture. Without an official word from Activision or Raven Software, we don’t know if any kind of Ranked mode will arrive for Warzone Pacific. If something does arise, though, we would expect it to possibly coincide with the release of the Ranked mode within Vanguard, which has been confirmed and is being worked on by Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games and the Call of Duty League. That’s expected to release sometime in early 2022. 


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Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.