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How to play Warzone Pacific new map early

If you want to play Warzone Pacific Caldera map before its official release, it's quite possible, and here's how.
How to play Warzone Pacific new map early
Warzone Pacific Season 1 has finally arrived and it comes with several enormous changes to one of the most popular battle royales in the world.

We are talking about new Gulag mechanics, about over 40 new weapons from Vanguard, new vehicles and jet fighters, gameplay reworks, the Season 1 battle pass, and much more.

But of course, the biggest and the most exciting new content comes in the form of a new map, the beautiful Pacific island of Caldera. Caldera is one of the biggest maps in the history of battle royale as a genre, and it comes with so many intriguing locations to discover and explore.

It's like we are playing a completely new game. Tens of millions of Warzone fans can't wait to finally drop on this mysterious new map and start unravelling its secrets while honing their shooting skills in the process.

If you are impatient to start your island kill-cation immediately, here's how you can start playing the new Warzone Pacific map early.

How to play the Warzone Caldera map early?

How to play Warzone Pacific new map early
Caldera's global release is on 9th December, but there is a way to play it earlier. (Picture: Activision)

Warzone Pacific Season 1 officially starts on 8th December, but the new Caldera map will become globally available only on 9th December.

Still, the new update will already become available on 8th December at 9 am PT / 12 am ET / 6 pm CET / 5 pm GMT.

This means new weapons, Vanguard Royle, the Caldera map, and other new modes are playable starting from the abovementioned time and date, but unfortunately not for everyone.

So, how can you play the new Warzone map early? All you need is to own a copy of Call of Duty: Vanguard on your Activision account (the one you are playing Warzone with), and you will be granted 24-hour early access to the new map.

Other players will still be able to play Warzone during that time, but only the good old Rebirth Island, with Verdansk vaulted and Caldera unavailable for 24 hours.

How to play the Warzone Caldera map early
If you own Call of Duty: Vanguard, you can play Caldera on 8th December. (Picture: Activision)

Speaking of Verdansk, the last chance to play the iconic map will go on 7th December at 9 pm PT (that is 8th December 12 am PT / 6 am CET).

If you are currently seeing popular content creators already playing the Caldera map even before the exclusive Vanguard early access, that's because Activision has granted them access to the new map before everyone else so that they can generate hype before launch.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.