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Call of Duty
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Best weapons in Vanguard Royale - The strongest and most broken guns

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 is finally here, so be prepared by knowing which guns are the best to use on Paradise and Radar or in Warzone Pacific's Vanguard Royale.
The first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the release of Warzone Pacific's new map Caldera, brings a whole lot of content. The update also introduces two new maps to COD Vanguard, a shiny new Battle Pass, new weapons, Operators, and more.

In addition, there were also a few minor weapon balances changes to the M1 Garand, Type 99, 3-Line Rifle and Kar98k. However, the developers contend that Activision will announce further improvements and gameplay updates at launch. 

Regardless, given the release of the highly anticipated season, many COD Vanguard players are left wondering which guns they should use going into the new season and Warzone Pacific's Vanguard Royale. So, without that said, here are the strongest and most broken guns to use in COD Vanguard Season 1 and Vanguard Royale.

Best Assault Rifle in COD Vanguard Royale: STG 44

best strongest most broken assault rifle weapon cod vanguard season 1 vanguard royale
The STG 44 is the best assault rifle in COD Vanguard Season 1 and Vanguard Royale. (Picture: Treyarch)

The STG 44 is a flagship gun and maintains its position as the strongest assault rifle in COD Vanguard Season 1 and thus, Vanguard Royale. The weapon boasts incredible damage, with a fast fire rate and low recoil, making it melt enemies like a hot knife through butter.

You would be crazy not to use the STG 44 in your matches since it's a deadly weapon to include in your arsenal. Beyond the features characterised above, the STG 44 has excellent mobility and is a versatile gun that can match any playstyle. Moreover, players can further optimise the STG 44 with the perfect loadout.

Best SMG in COD Vanguard Royale: MP-40

best strongest most broken smg weapon cod vanguard season 1 vanguard royale
The MP-40 is a king of close-quarter combat. (Picture: Treyarch)

Despite not having the fastest fire rate, the MP-40 is the king of close-quarters warfare and is an overall standout performer. Offering up substantial damage and accuracy, with good mobility and low recoil, the MP-40 allows players to shred enemies to pieces.

While the MP-40 certainly shines brightest in the short range, it can also be optimised for mid-range engagements. Overall, the MP-40 is a balanced but speedy weapon, perfectly matched for aggressive playstyles.

Best Sniper in COD Vanguard Royale: Kar98k

strongest sniper rifle cod vanguard season 1 warzone pacific vanguard royale
The Kar98k is among the strongest sniper rifles in the game. (Picture: Treyarch)

The Kar98k is still the best sniper rifle to use and was recently buffed to retain its One Shot kill potential for chest shots when smaller calibre ammo is used. The weapon dominated COD Vanguard Beta and other franchise iterations, boasting lethal damage, excellent mobility and solid accuracy. Followingly, using lower calibre ammo reduces range instead of damage, which is a massive buff to most sniper rifles. 

The latest patch notes also offered an ADS buff to the 3-Line Rifle, otherwise known as the "Mosin-Nagant" sniper rifle. Similarly, Treyarch also improved the Arisaka Type 99's aim flinch, ADS time and One Shot Kill potential. Given this, the 3-Line Rifle and Type 99 are honourable mentions.

Best LMG in COD Vanguard Royale: MG42

The MG42 is the strongest LMG to use in COD Vanguard Season 1 and Vanguard Royale
The MG42 is the strongest LMG to use in COD Vanguard Season 1 and Vanguard Royale. (Picture: Treyarch)

The Maschinengewehr 42 (or MG42) has proven to be a formidable force in COD Vanguard, so it's safe to assume that it will be equally deadly in Vanguard Royale. The MG42 is a full-auto shredding machine, boasting serious damage and firepower.

Of course, like all LMGs, the MG42 is held back by being rather clunky, making it one of the least mobile weapons to use in the game. Alternatively, the DP27 is a viable alternative, offering better mobility and similar damage output than the MG42.

Best Shotgun in COD Vanguard Royale: Combat Shotgun

Best weapons in COD Vanguard - The strongest and most broken guns
The Combat Shotgun is arguably the best shotgun to use in COD Vanguard Season 1 and Vanguard Royale. (Picture: Treyarch)

Finally, the best shotgun in COD Vanguard Season 1 and Vanguard Royale is the Combat Shotgun. This weapon boasts stunning damage even in longer-ranged engagements; however, it does have a slow reload speed, so ensure you don't run in half-magged.

And that's it! We are excited to dive into the first season of COD Vanguard and Warzone Pacific with you. If you're interested in learning more, then be sure to check out our dedicated section linked below for even more news and updates.


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Featured image courtesy of Treyarch.