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Leffen angrily defends Call of Duty's SBMM against NRG Hitch

The Smash Melee Evo champ feels strongly about the inclusion of skill based matchmaking in Call of Duty and games in general, getting into a heated debate with Hitch that might've gotten a little too personal.
Leffen angrily defends Call of Duty's SBMM against NRG Hitch
If you're even a casual follower of the fighting game community, the name William "Leffen" Hjelte is one you're more than likely heard of. Known primarily for his Smash Melee skills, he's dabbled into other titles, becoming renowned in Dragon Ball FighterZ as well.

With the debate over Call of Duty's SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) being the hot topic of conversation in the gaming community, someone as outspoken as the 25-year-old shared his thoughts via social media, in the harsh manner he often does.


"Watching people argue that FPS players should in fact, not play people who are as good as them, but people worse than them so they can stroke their ego is so f**king pathetic. what's the joy in beating people up who play once every two weeks if you're playing this sh*t full time," he tweeted out to his almost 300,000 followers.

One person that got a glimpse of the comment was NRG's Hitch, a popular content creator revered in the Call of Duty community. Responding to Leffen's argument, he mentioned how the Swede's perspective is skewed, as fighting games are completely different from first-person shooters (or any team-based game) in this regard.


"If you’ve never played FPS games then it makes sense you think this way," Hitch said, using a sports analogy to clarify his point. "You can casually play pickup basketball with people of all skill levels. you can’t casually play tennis if the skill level is too different."

Leffen responded by pointing out that, even if the analogy Hitch presented rung true, he wouldn't go out of his way to play a sport with someone clearly unable to compete in any capacity.


"I play basketball several times a week and I do not go around playing 10 year olds to make myself feel better."

As the conversation kept going, the FGC icon went as far as calling Hitch's YouTube channel, Team Sumertime, "sh*tty," expressing he wants the free wins to farm views. "If you want that then pay extra for a smurf," he added.

The COD Youtuber tried to make amends with Leffen, as Hitch would later admit the Melee player and the FGC were a big inspiration on his esports journey, however, the Swede continued to double down claiming how the former OpTic content creator "gaslighted his 14-year-old audience," and that he should "humble himself and try to understand the other 99% of the player base."

Hitch put up more tweets detailing the situation to the Melee EVO winner, saying how SSMB hurts creators' abilities to experiment and how he wishes to have a better overall experience, not to stomp on casuals.


"Even the 'ranked' modes we are given seem less competitive and intense than the casual ones. all we are asking for is what we once had. No gaslighting. no expecting to trash bots, just a desire to casually play again and have variety."

While things seemed to die down right there, after Hitch seemingly brushed things off by jokingly admitting how Leffen went for his jugular, the dissing continued as he shared a YouTube video compilation titled "Top 10 Leffen getting rekt moments," prompting a response from Leffen himself, calling him petty while sharing a screenshot from his Twitch chat, in which Hitch apparently apologised for good.

Leffen and Hitch controversy
(Photo: TSM_Leffen)

Hitch would explain that the reason for his self-described pettiness was because he "tried to extend a friendly hand and you still acted weird. just having a little fun with it is all. I troll a lot on Twitter. all in good fun."


Eventually, the exchange led to Leffen blocking Hitch from Twitter, thus ending their back and forth swiftly.

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