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Nadeshot $100K Warzone Invitational: Dates, schedule, players, how to watch, more

The owner of 100 Thieves is about to bring a huge Warzone tournament, and here's everything you need to know about The Nadeshot Invitational Warzone event, including when it starts and where to watch it.
Nadeshot $100K Warzone Invitational: Dates, schedule, players, how to watch, more
100T Nadeshot has just announced his latest project - The Nadeshot Invitational.

The founder of 100 Thieves is a huge Warzone fan since the release of the battle royale and has even received personal messages from Captain Price last year.

And now finally the day has come, Nadeshot has revealed that he will host his first-ever Warzone tournament.

The Nadeshot Invitational will have a whopping $100,000 prize pool and it will bring "16 of the best duos in the world".

Here's everything you need to know about the event.

Nadeshot Warzone Invitational schedule

The tournament will be a 2-day event, which will take play on 18th and 19th May.

The exact schedule is yet to be announced.

Nadeshot Warzone Invitational format and rules

Details about the format will be revealed at a later date, but we know that there will be 16 duos competing.

We expect rules to follow the standard format 

  • Duos Public Matchmaking
  • Kill Race
    • 1 point per kill
    • Bonus for placement
  • 5-hour time limit
  • The best 5 games submitted

Nadeshot Warzone Invitational players and teams

Some of the biggest Twitch and Youtube stars alongside a number of Call of Duty pro players will compete at the event.

Check out all the invited participants below, and you can see all the Duos here.

Nadeshot $100K Warzone Invitational players

Nadeshot Warzone Invitational prize pool

The tournament features a hefty $100,000 prize pool. The exact details on how it will be split based on placement are yet to be revealed.

Nadeshot Warzone Invitational stream: How to watch

Nadeshot Warzone Invitational stream How to watch schedule
(Picture: Nadeshot)

The event will be broadcasted live on 100T Nadeshot's Twitch channel.

Nadeshot will be one of the casters during the event, alongside Maven and Merk.