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Survive a jump from Nakatomi Tower in Warzone, how to

Surviving a jump from Nakatomi Tower is one of the challenges found in the 80s Action Hero event and it has left some players confused. Here is how to complete it.
Survive a jump from Nakatomi Tower in Warzone, how to
The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update has introduced two of the most legendary 80s action heroes in Rambo and John McClane, as well locations from those movies with the Survival Camps, CIA Output, and the iconic Nakatomi Plaza now able to be found in Verdansk.

There is also a slew of new rewards and challenges based on these additions, with players able to pick up free player profile items to stickers, a new Arcade game, Weapon Charms, and once all challenges are complete; an Ignition Blueprint.

One of these challenges is causing players a bit of trouble, with the "survive a jump to the ground from the top of the Nakatomi Tower" proving to be more difficult than it first seems. But don't worry, as help is at hand. Follow this simple guide and you will soon be shouting "yippee ki yay" from the top (or bottom) of Nakatomi Tower.

How to survive a jump from Nakatomi Tower in Warzone

The wording of this challenge is slightly disenguous and is perhaps one reason why so many are finding it difficult but once you know how it is actually very easy.

1. The first thing you will want to do is land at Nakatomi Tower, many others will be looking to do this too, especially at the start of the season so prepare to fight.

Nakatomi Tower how to land safely
(Picture: Entity Cell)

2. Land on the roof and jump off immediately, pull your chute.

3. Float around the building, timing is important here, as there is a set of ladders you want to land on/near that are situated on the SE side of the Tower. It leads up to a glass roof.

4. Climb up the ladder and run across the glass roof and you will soon get the 'challenge complete' sound and graphic.

Nakatomi Tower Warzone how to survive jump
(Picture: Entity Cell)

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