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Warzone & Vanguard Season 5 - All New POIs And Multiplayer Maps

Season 5 of Warzone & Vanguard brings a whole new slate of content. Find out which multiplayer maps and POIs will make an appearance.
Warzone & Vanguard Season 5 - All New POIs And Multiplayer Maps

The final roadmap for Call of Duty: Vanguard is on the way and players will have plenty of new content for the final sendoff. Both Warzone and Vanguard will get new POIs and Multiplayer maps as part of the Season 5 Last Stand before a new year of content.

Like any other season of COD since Warzone was released in 2020, the Battle Royale map will get some new points of interest, and the multiplayer will get a couple of new maps. Some content will arrive later in the mid-season updates, but this guide will outline exactly which new places you can expect to visit.

New POIs in Warzone Season 5

Peak brings a new active volcano to Caldera. (Picture: Activision)

First up in this guide is Warzone, or more specifically, Caldera. In previous seasons, we got content like Fortune's Keep that introduced an entirely new map to take over for Rebirth. For Season 5, there is one new POI, changes to the Gulag, and plenty of weather changes to look out for.

The new POI is called Peak. It's essentially an active volcano that has buildings set up at the top. Mixing buildings high up on a mountain with active lava flowing around it is a recipe for some chaos. In general, Caldera will have volcanic activity as part of a geological event.

Players can also expect changes to the Gulag in Warzone Season 5 which will reflect the theme of the volcanos even further. You'll likely recognize it as a redesign of the showers from previous seasons, but it's built more like a fortress. Colors are also pale yellow and grey to keep the hazard theme going.

On both maps, the weather has changed as well and the storm has cleared. This isn't necessarily a new POI, but changes to lighting and overall environment mean a different experience when looking at Caldera.

New Multiplayer Maps in Vanguard Season 5

Fortress brings players to the Mediterranean. (Picture: Activision)

Two new maps are on the way for Call of Duty: Vanguard. One will release right away when the new season launches, and the other is set to drop when the usual mid-season update is available later in the year.

The first map is called Beheaded. This map brings the action all the way to Times Square in New York. Of course, this isn't based on history, but rather as a post-apocalyptic vision where fights take place under neon lights at night.

Map two is located in the Mediterranean and is called Fortress. The map is medium-sized and will bring players to a ship graveyard where small corridors are consistent. Rooftop access on the ships will also give sightline advantages over the rest of the area.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.