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Is Warzone's Doomsayer Skin A Copy Of DEADROP's Four Zero Two Variant?

Activision is under fire after players noticed similarities between the new Warzone Doomsayer skin and DEADROP's Four Zero Two variant.
Is Warzone's Doomsayer Skin A Copy Of DEADROP's Four Zero Two Variant?

After recently being accused of plagiarizing the Warzone Floof Fury Bundle, Activision is being called out once again. Accordingly, the publisher is under fire for allegedly copying DEADROP’s skull-masked and cloaked character, Four Zero Two, in its newest cosmetic pack, Malware Ultra Skin Bundle for Doomsayer.

On 15th August 2022, Call of Duty fans quickly noticed the similarities after Activision promoted the upcoming cosmetic bundle on Twitter. Followingly, critics highlighted the similarities between Warzone's Doomsayer skin and DEADROP’s Four Zero Two Variant. Afterward, Midnight Society studio head Robert Bowling, who works on the game, said to “at least name it” after him.

Warzone Allegedly Copied DEADROP's Four Zero Two Variant

activision midnight society not address allegations
Both Activision and Midnight Society have yet to address the allegations. (Picture: Activision / Raven Software)

This cosmetic bundle comes only weeks after the community called out Activision and Raven Software for allegedly using an artist’s work to create the Loyal Samoyed skin and Fury Floof Bundle, which has now been taken down following the community’s outrage.

The latest allegations follow the same reason; only this time, instead of a sole artist, Activision supposedly took more than just inspiration from the world's first vertical extraction shooter, DEADROP. The game is currently in development by Dr. Disrespect's "AAA" game studio, Midnight Society.

The cosmetic bundle, entitled Malware Ultra Skin, includes the skin Doomsayer, which is a blue-tinted, cloaked individual with a skull mask. DEADROP’s Four Zero Two Variant resembles strikingly similar features, with almost no difference besides minor details.

In response to the alleged plagiarism noticed by Call of Duty fans, Robert Bowling Tweeted the day after, indirectly and presumably stating to Activision, “at least name it after me.”

As of current writing, Activision has yet to comment on these copying allegations the community throws at it.

The Doomsayer skin remains a cosmetic approaching Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard, and Midnight Society hasn’t addressed the situation involving its Four Zero Two Variant design being allegedly copied.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision./ Raven Software and Midnight Society.