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Next-gen Warzone cheats coming to console with machine learning

We've got some bad news for console players, as it has been revealed that next-gen Warzone cheats are coming and use machine learning so that hackers can ruin your matches.
Next-gen Warzone cheats coming to console with machine learning
In Terminator film lore, Skynet became self-aware on 29th August 1997 at 02:14 Eastern time. Now, it appears the next generation of cheats in Call of Duty: Warzone is using machine learning so that hackers can ruin your experience in Verdansk. While we all know Warzone has a cheating problem, and some "hackers" even openly stream their antics, most of the cheating went on via the PC platform. However, this new, powerful Warzone cheat has reportedly arrived on consoles, including PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. 

Next-gen Warzone cheats on console

In an announcement from the "Anti-cheat Police Department" on Twitter from Vanguard anti-cheat analyst GamerDoc, the next-gen Warzone cheats have been revealed, and it's quite the devasting news for those who want nothing more than a Verdansk purged of all hackers.

warzone cheat next-gen consoles cheats hackers machine learning
(Picture: Anti-Cheat Police Department)

The initial report on this next-gen Warzone cheat reads: "Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the next generation of cheating now available on console, and has been for a while but lately its been becoming more popular and more of a trend, consoles are no longer a safe space to play your games legit anymore."

This new type of Warzone cheat was reportedly already available on PC and now, console players are not safe either.

Here's how the cheat works according to the AntiCheatPD: "The cheat uses machine learning and sends input to your controller whenever it sees a valid target, this is aim assist but more amplified without you even needing to do anything all you have to do is aim in the general area and the machine will do the work for you."

While it is next-gen Warzone cheat is technically detectable, AntiCheatPD notes that this is a pain for developers to detect, and not an easy job by any means. In case you were wondering, no, we won't share the name of the cheat, nor where you can possibly get it...

In the wake of this news, let me be the first to say that I, for one, welcome our next-gen machine-learning overlords. No, this is not a comment from me saying cheating is okay, go look up the reference!

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