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Warzone hacker streams antics on Twitch, gets banned after lots of hate

A Twitch streamer going by the nickname "AGuyNamedCody" openly used Warzone hacks on stream, and as hate from the community poured in, he got banned.
Warzone hacker streams antics on Twitch, gets banned after lots of hate
It is absolutely no secret that Call of Duty: Warzone has a cheater problem, as evident by Raven Software announcing over half a million cheaters have been banned so far. This is partly due to it being so easy to create another Warzone account, which means when a hacker/cheater does get banned, all they do is jump into another account and keep going, ruining the experience of others in Verdansk. Sometimes, however, the audacity of hackers/cheaters is remarkable. This brings us to a Warzone hacker who went as far as to openly stream himself using hacks on Twitch.

Warzone hacker gets hate and Twitch ban

Known only as "AGuyNamedCody" on Twitch, this Warzone hacker/cheater openly streamed his antics on Twitch, and was very nonchalant about the whole thing.

Warzonehackertwitch1.jpg?_t=1623498518(Picture: Clip via Reddit)

After a clip of the hacker's antics from a Twitch stream was posted on Reddit, the thread exploded with frustrated Warzone players, as they threw a lot of hate towards the player. 

The Reddit thread currently has over 10,000 upvotes, and you can view it as well as the clip below.

One of the aspects of the Twitch streamer and Warzone hacker which really got others fuming, even more, is the calm, no care attitude. When asked in Twitch chat if he just ruins other people's games that maybe have an hour to play in a day, AGuyNamedCody responded: "Yeah, go find another game."

He also revealed that he got "tired of playing against cheaters so I’ll just make my own" and that if he gets banned from Warzone, it takes "two minutes to make a new account.”

Warzonehackertwitch.jpg?_t=1623498518(Picture: Clip via Reddit)

Since the incident, the hacker's Twitch channel has been banned, as it appears the streaming platform got word of his antics.

At the time of writing, there's no telling how long his ban will last on Twitch. We also couldn't find any social media related to this Warzone hacker for any possible comments.

However, since he can easily create a new account and continue hacking/cheating in Warzone, AGuyNamedCody might be in one of your matches right now, using cheats to wreck his opponents...

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