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NICKMERCS believes "too OP" Origin 12 is ruining Warzone

Very few gamers know Call of Duty: Warzone like NICKMERCS knows Warzone. So when he says this “floor loot” weapon is ruining the game, we’re inclined to listen to him.
NICKMERCS believes "too OP" Origin 12 is ruining Warzone
NICKMERCS is known for holding some pretty vocal opinions regarding the state of Call of Duty: Warzone. In the user’s latest video on his YouTube channel, the pro-gamer announces his hatred for one of the most common drops in Warzone, pointing the finger at the Origin 12 for ruining the game.

NICKMERCS origin shotgun nerf floor loot
NICKMERCS feels the Origin 12 needs to become harder to obtain. (Picture: NICKMERCS)

This isn’t the first time that NICKMERCS has discussed the Origin in Warzone, but his issue with the gun today isn’t strictly to do with the weapon’s strength. Instead, the professional Call of Duty streamer is angry that the Origin 12 is so easily accessible to players in the game.

“This thing’s been floor loot for a long time now - too long!” NICKMERCS exclaims. “And we all know that should not be the case.”

What the content-creator is referring to is the fact that the Origin 12 shotgun can be picked up all across the Warzone map, rather than having to be brought in via a loadout drop. 

“People land late after getting a kill in the [Gulag], getting a shotgun and they’re ready to go, man. This has to be the most annoying floor loot that we’ve seen in Warzone.”

NICKMERCS Origin 12 shotgun nerf op
(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

NICKMERCS goes on to state that he’s died to the Origin 12 right after spawning, more than any other gun in the game by far. Despite this fact, he’s not calling for a nerf to the gun - rather calling for Infinity Ward to “take it off the damn ground in Warzone”.

It’s certainly true that the shotgun makes for a powerful weapon when equipped, and is a perfect piece of kit to grab when just arriving on the battlefield, but perhaps the development team should consider that it makes newly-respawned players a little too powerful in Warzone.