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Call of Duty
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OpTic Gaming’s CDL spot in question as H3CZ “reacquires organisation”

Hector Rodriguez is rumoured to have reacquired esports organisation OpTic Gaming, bringing into question their future in the Call of Duty League.
Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez is claimed to have reacquired esports organisation OpTic Gaming, which could see their spot in the Call of Duty League put up for sale. 

According to Esports Observer, Rodriguez, the current co-owner and CEO of NRG Esports, has acquired the organisation in a deal outside of his ties with NRG. 

The deal is claimed to include the entire OpTic Gaming IP along with their Call of Duty League slot. This has yet to be approved however according to report, although any agreement from the CDL is under the assumption Rodriguez would put up their CDL slot up for sale. 

OpTic Gaming’s place in the Call of Duty League would be released due to Rodriguez’s ties with NRG, who already own Chicago Huntsmen - with rules preventing the the ownership of more than one team in the league.

H3CZ left the organisation in 2019 (Picture: YouTube) 

Rodriguez spearheaded the OpTic Gaming organisation until June 2019, when Immortals Gaming Club acquired the parent company of the brand, Infinite. 

If this new deal is to be believed, it leaves a position open for an organisation like 100 Thieves to potentially return to Call of Duty - after they were unable to make the necessary financial commitment required to join last year.

OpTic Gaming LA didn't have the best season this year (Picture: CDL) 

It’s also unclear what this means for OpTic Gaming LA’s current roster, which includes Kenny “Kuavo” Williams, Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat, Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly and Zack “Drazah” Jordan. 

GINX Esports TV has reached out to Rodriguez for comment. 

Next year’s Call of Duty League is set to undergo some significant shifts, with a switch to 4v4 seeing a huge amount of roster upheaval in the current off-season. 

Players will also be playing on PC instead of consoles, although many pros will likely just be hoping Black Ops Cold War delivers a better competitive title than Modern Warfare.