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More cheaters banned as devs promise to "keep Warzone clean"

Raven Software and Activision are continuing war against cheaters following criticisms that they are not doing enough to fix the hacking issue.
More cheaters banned as devs promise to "keep Warzone clean"
Raven Software announced that another ban wave occurred today, on 9th February, in an effort to fix Warzone's cheating problem.

While we don't know the exact numbers, the last week's ban wave terminated over 60,000 accounts, which might be the similar case today.

Raven Software, the studio which handles Warzone, promises that they are "stepping up anti-cheat efforts on all fronts" and that this is just a beginning, which means we can expect more ban waves to come in the near future.

warzone cheaters banned
Cheaters have been a huge problem in Warzone since its release in March 2020. (Picture: Activision) 

The cheating issue in Warzone was reaching boiling point over the last couple of weeks, with huge tournaments being compromised and big content creators like Vikkstar threatening to abandon the game over the cheating issues.

The community was furious over the lack of any communication or measures taken to prevent hacking and remove cheaters from the game.

After this huge backlash, Activision has finally responded and announced they've banned over 300,000 accounts for cheating in Warzone.

Today's update is a part of "weekly security updates" Activision has promised to provide to players in an effort to be more transparent over their actions in regards to cheaters, and we can also expect to see monthly updates at the end of each month.