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Warzone cheaters banned reach 200,000 as EngineOwning cheats get detected

Infinity Ward has announced they have now banned 200,000 Warzone cheaters as their anti-cheat has reportedly detected EngineOwning.
Warzone cheaters banned reach 200,000 as EngineOwning cheats get detected

While everyone is aware Call of Duty: Warzone has a cheater problem, Infinity Ward warned back in July how they would issue more banwaves to those who use Warzone cheats. With the release of Warzone Season 6, Infinity Ward has revealed how they have, in total, banned 200,000 Warzone cheaters thus far.

Warzone cheaters banned

According to Infinity Ward, they have banned 200,000 Warzone cheaters, which includes a new wave of bans this week.

On Twitter, Infinity Ward announced their victory against Warzone cheaters.

The fight against Warzone cheaters, and cheat creators, is an ongoing on. Some individuals will always find new ways to cheat in any multiple title.

However, it does appear Infinity Ward has struck a big blow against cheaters in Warzone, as the EngineOwning cheat creator has updated their website to show Modern Warfare / Warzone cheats have been detected.

Warzone Cheaters banned EngineOwning cheats

(Picture: EngineOwning)

The image above shows how the cheat creator, Engine Owning, has updated the status of their Warzone & Modern Warfare cheats. We've not included a direct link as to not tempt readers to try one of the programs.

According to a report from Vice, 20,000 bans were issued on Monday, and some of the Warzone cheaters banned were using EngineOwning.