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Should you run Perk Greed or Gunfighter in Black Ops Cold War?

Perk Greed and Gunfighter are arguably the two most popular Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War but which is better to use?
Should you run Perk Greed or Gunfighter in Black Ops Cold War?
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War sees the return of the robust Create-A-Class system seen in previous titles. However, as usual, Treyarch has changed up the formula ever so slightly to keep the game fresh for veterans of the series. In this iteration of the system, there are some minor nuisances that can cause players to question what's best to use. 

This conundrum is exemplified with the new and improved Wildcard system. Like older Treyarch titles, Wildcards affect each class in different ways. Each Wildcard can give you added benefits but also takes away some of your freedoms when making your class. 

However, the two Wildcards that most players drift towards is Gunfighter and Perk Greed. There's a bit of discussion going on in the community as to what's the best between the two. Well, today, we're going to attempt to answer that question. 

The pros and cons of Gunfighter 

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Gunfighter is perhaps one of the biggest changes in the Create-A-Class system within Black Ops Cold War. When you equip this Wildcard, you're able to add an additional three attachments to your weapons. This, on top of the five that are already allocated, gives you a total of eight attachments on both your primary and secondary weapons. 

Obviously, this is a major bonus no matter how you look at it. More attachments mean more benefits can be loaded onto your weapon.

However, is this really what you want to be using on each and every class? Sure, three more attachments could be worth it on some weapons, like a weaker AR or SMG, but for a strong gun like the XM4 for example, eight attachments aren't really necessary. You can have more than enough benefits with five attachments. 

The pros and cons of Perk Greed

Perk Greed Black ops cold war(Picture: Treyarch)

Also a big shift from previous titles, Perk Greed doesn't work like it used to. In other Black Ops games, this WildCard would allow you to pick an extra Perk to equip in a certain slot. 

In Black Ops Cold War, it doesn't work like that. Instead, Perk Greed enables you to take a Perk for every category and equip it alongside the standard three. This means you have six Perks, two from each slot.

During the early stages of Black Ops Cold War, many players found this Wildcard too restricting. After all, there are certain slots that contain better Perks than the others. Still, Perk Greed is a must if you want to play a certain way. For example, if you want to be ultra-stealthy, you need Perk Greed to be able to equip both Ninja and Ghost. 

The only real con when using Perk Greed is the fact that sometimes you don't need one or two of the Perks you're required to equip. Sometimes your playstyle doesn't need a Perk like Engineer or Assassin, so it's mostly wasted if you have Perk Greed. 

The best Wildcard to use in Black Ops Cold War

Overall, the general consensus is that Gunfighter takes the cake when it comes to Wildcards. Sure, sometimes five attachments are all you need. However, you're only receiving a bonus with the additional three attachments. There are no real negatives involved. 

best wild car to use in black ops cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

With Perk Greed, some of the Perks you're forced to equip don't play a huge role in your gameplay. At least with Gunfighter, the added attachments help you out in some form or another.