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Call of Duty
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Skrapz brands Call of Duty League an "absolute joke" after false start mix-up against Atlanta FaZe

London Royal Ravens player Skrapz has criticised the Call of Duty League after they were forced to carry on playing despite a mix-up off stream.
Skrapz brands Call of Duty League an "absolute joke" after false start mix-up against Atlanta FaZe

Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall has expressed his frustration at the Call of Duty League following an incident during the match-up between London Royal Ravens and Atlanta FaZe. 

On the second day of the Florida Mutineers Home Series, the opening Hardpoint between London Royal Ravens and Atlanta FaZe caused controversy after Ravens player Skrapz was inactive due to a miscommunication off stream - allowing FaZe to take a huge lead while Ravens tried to contest and stop the match. 

Despite many viewers calling for a restart, the game continued as normal - with FaZe winning the Hardpoint round 250-104. 

Following the incident, Skrapz clarified what happened on Twitter while criticising the Call of Duty League for not permitting a restart. 

“League is an absolute joke,” Skrapz began. “Got told broadcast will be between 5-10 mins, you’re only allowed the black [mountain] dew water bottle on stream, me being the good person I am I emptied my water and filled up that bottle.

“Ref asked are we ready to go, I didn’t reply. Whole team asked him 15 times when it started to restart coz I wasn’t here lmao. ‘No you gotta play’.”

He added: “Was tryna help out ‘us’ the ‘CDL’ by only advertising what they asked us to use.”

The official London Royal Ravens account even appeared to make a dig at the incident, posting a picture of Skrapz drinking a water bottle after fighting back to win Search and Destroy 6-1.

FaZe however managed to turn the tide against Ravens, winning narrowly in Domination and besting the team in a second round of Hardpoint 250-130 - taking the match 3-1. 

This result sends FaZe to the semi-finals, while Royal Ravens are knocked down to the lower bracket to face either Paris Legion or Optic Gaming LA. 

The Call of Duty League faced criticism when it launched in chaotic fashion back in January, although it’s since largely addressed issues like reducing round times and adjusting the format. 

Rulings like this however won’t help when frustrations are already high in an online format, although the Call of Duty League has yet to address the issue itself. 

You can check out the Call of Duty League streaming on YouTube.