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Sponsors reportedly drop COD voice actor Jeff Leach following misogynistic comments

Jeff Leach has fallen out of favour following the allegations of sexism earlier this week.
Sponsors reportedly drop COD voice actor Jeff Leach following misogynistic comments
Voice actor Jeff Leach, best-known as the voice of lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has reportedly been dropped by several of his sponsors following the accusations against him for sexism and misogyny.

The video of Leach saying misogynistic comments surfaced on the internet a few days ago. It was first shared by Twitter user NitroLukeDX on 7th May, and it includes several incriminating clips of Leach.

"I love how it’s always like some dirty, dirty, gross f$%king looking emo b#$%h who looks like she f#$king has no chance of getting a bit of [email protected]#k in her," Jeff Leach says in one of these clips.

Leach has already been banned from Twitch in 2017 due to sexist remarks and since then he has been streaming on Facebook Gaming, where he is a partnered streamer.

ZombiUnicorn, one of the women he has insulted, and several other female streamers started demanding Activision and Facebook Gaming to stop supporting him, which resulted in Activision cutting ties with the actor.

Aside from his acting career, Leach is also an active streamer with several big sponsors featured on his stream, but it seems that this part of his career will be affected as well.

Jeff Leach sponsors misogynistic comments
(Picture: Jeff Leach)

As reported by Dexerto, two of his sponsors, Team Kitchen and Sneak Energy, have already terminated contracts with Leach.

Jeff Leach was a brand ambassador for Sneak Energy, which is an energy drink brand from the UK. In an email send to Dexerto, they wrote: "We at Sneak don’t tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind and apologise for any offence caused by one of our ambassadors."

A third sponsor, AimControllers, is in a process of ending their relationship with the actor.

"As a female-owned company, AimControllers US condemns any hateful or degrading speech towards any group, especially women. We will be taking this time to gather some more information on the matter to ensure appropriate measures are taken," AimControllers spokesperson said to Dexerto.

At the time of writing, Jeff Leach is still a partnered streamer on Facebook Gaming.