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This insane Warzone Pacific player hijacked a fighter plane in mid-air!

This Warzone Pacific player took the plane meta to a new level and hijacked an enemy fighter jet from mid-air after losing a dogfight!
We've recently had the privilege of witnessing somewhat crazy antics in Warzone Pacific's debut season. For example, in a previous article, we showed how a player spent an entire Solo Vanguard Royale match in a fighter plane and won; banking 20 kills while flying above Caldera.

More recently, however, a different Warzone Pacific player arguably raised the bar by evacuating their plane and proceeding to hijack a fighter jet in midair after losing a dogfight to an enemy player. This feat was seemingly impossible and perhaps more appropriate for an action movie.

Warzone Pacific player hijacks enemy plane after losing dogfight

The death-defying stunt was performed by Facebook Gaming streamer Vinicius "Paranga" Elias, who uploaded a clip on Twitter on 22nd December. 

The video clip shows Paranga desperately attempting to evade incoming gunfire from an enemy fighter jet behind him. The streamer attempts to use evasive manoeuvres but is unsuccessful, only to get ejected from the pilot's seat.

Warzone Pacific player Paranga hijacked an enemy fighter plane in midair
Warzone Pacific player Paranga hijacked an enemy fighter plane in midair! (Picture: Facebook / Vinicius "Paranga" Elias)

In what can only be explained as an act of god, the timing of his evacuation was seemingly perfect, as Paranga landed directly on the trailing enemy player's fighter plane.

The streamer then exacted his revenge by shooting the enemy to death with their pistol and hijacking the plane.

Paranga's reaction pretty much says it all, as the streamer could barely believe what transpired themself. So naturally, the clip received tremendous praise from fellow Warzone Pacific players.

"COD players doing a Rendezook for the first time in their life, only from Paraguay," said one user on Twitter. "Unbelievable... It's talk of the guy turning the game off right away," said another. Indeed, the trailing player was undoubtedly unimpressed after that!

If you're interested, you can watch the full video on Facebook Gaming.

Raven Software's introduction of fighter planes has brought a new twist to the game and inspired interesting stunts by Warzone Pacific players on the tropical island of Caldera.

We can't wait to see what other stunts players are capable of pulling off this season!


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.